Exceptional Presents From Our Ancestors

Dildos maybe your favorite toy to play with or your secret magic wand of happiness. But you are not the only one who keeps it in their closet. In fact, Dildos have been a major part of history and have evolved over the course of time into a modern-day genius!

Although it seems a rather modern invention, you will be surprised to know that dildos were introduced and put to good use long before you were ever born. In fact, from as early as 40,000 – 10,000 BC, marking the Old or Early Stone Ages.

A lot of people wonder about the person who invented dildos for the first time ever. But while we may not have surefire answers, we definitely know that there’s a long and interesting history behind our modern day sex toys. Turns out, we’re not so different from our ancestors now… are we? Without further contemplation, let’s cut to the chase and address the main question of this blog below!

Who Is a Pleasure Creator?

The question of “who invented the dildo?” remains unanswered to this date.  The earliest discovery of the most ancient dildos suggests that the first dildo so far is around 28000 years old. Discovered in 2005, it was measured to be 20cm-long and 3cm-wide. The dildo is clearly an image of the phallus, but whether it was actually used or not is still not certain.

However, within the Stone Ages, smaller sizes of the similar shafts were discovered, which had better polishing and more detailing in the tools. It was understood that dildos were in fact used as early as the Middle Ages time period.

The Ancient History of Dildos

The Ancient History of Dildos

The Ancient History of Dildos

Wondering “when was the dildo invented”? According to archaeologists, the first dildos were created with stone, wood, ivory, tar, teeth, limestone and even bones. Some of these materials were sharpened while the others were compressed in order to create the genital image. Bones and ivory were the most convenient material for penis-like images.

Double-head shaped dildos are even found and are around 19000 years old. In fact, in the ancient Egyptian civilization’s art and painting, which date back to 3000 BC, dildos are used in a variety of ways for both—men and women. But even to this date, the most exciting usage of such dildos was by the ancient Greeks.

In the ancient Greek vase art, dildos have been displayed in several ways. According to some artists’ interpretations, these dildos were being used solo for women’s group sex. In a 6th century BC vessel, a woman is blowing a man while another man is thrusting a dildo in her anus.

What is so cool about the Greeks’ sexual activities is that they reinvented the dildo for more exciting and practical usage. Whether the stone-made dildos led to injuries or not is unknown, but it definitely seems extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, the Greeks displayed their creativity and did something new with the Stone Ages’ dildos.

As witnessed in the portraits and the remaining evidence, the dildo in ancient Greece was actually made out of leather or animal hide. For thickness, the dick-shaped dildo was stuffed with wool. This form of the dildo was much more convenient and pleasurable as the thickness could be varied.

Did You Know That The Ancient Greeks Lubricated The Dildo With Olive Oil?

Later on, the Greeks sought for quicker sources of sexual pleasure. A lot of archaeologists believe that the olisbokollikes practice was introduced by the women, but the truth behind this assumption is not certain. This sexual practice included sexual experiments with kitchen supplies, and according to artifacts, bread such as baguettes were used as dildos.

The Medieval History of Sex Toys

The Medieval History of Sex Toys

The Medieval History of Sex Toys

The medieval times experienced a bloom of religion and mass conversion to Christianity. Due to the stigma attached and the prohibition of non-marital intercourse, dildos became a rarity. However, sexual activities were practiced among the youngsters in secrecy. In this society, the use of dildo was through the more natural elements such as plants. The most common of these plants was the “Cantonese groin”, which was soaked in warm water overnight. The plant would enlarge and harden, and then would use it for masturbation and penetration. The inventor of the dildo is unknown, but it is safe to say that it was widely used indiscretion.

18-19th Century Toys

By this time, another thing to be influenced by and remade due to the industrial revolution was the dildo. In fact, the writers of that time such as Thomas Nashe, Ben Jonson and Shakespeare openly refer to this sex toy. In fact, Henry Fielding broke all grounds when in the mid-18th century he wrote “The Female Husband: or the surprising history of Mrs Mary, alias Mr. George Hamilton.” This was a story about a woman pretending to be a man, who uses a dildo to prove her ‘masculinity’.

But what truly revolutionized the sex toy industry was Duncan’s exciting, daring and courageous move on creating a dildo, which could easily be used on the human skin without irritation or the danger of melting. With his collaboration with General Electric, he was successful in creating a silicone based dildo, which was easy, affordable and healthy to use!


Dildos have been a girl’s best friend for years. So much so, that even the most possessive guys love watching their women relish the ecstasy of a silicone-made penis. Today, dildos are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes such as glass, metal, silicone, etc. and they’re all safe to use as well!

According to a study, 44% of women from the age group of 18 to 60 have purchased sex toys at least once in their lifetime. In 2009, some companies reported a solid 17% increase in the sales of their vibrators and the sex toy industry experienced a $15 billion annual profit.

Thank Goodness for being born in the 21st century, huh? For your own little pleasure time, browse through our Holyfour store of amazing sex toys. Happy orgasms!