There was a period when confessing one was a pump owner could turn him into a matter to laugh at. Luckily, times have changed, and modern men can freely enjoy both esthetic and sensual effect of a penis pump. First of all, it is unforgettably pleasing to feel intensified blood flow all around the tissue layers of the penis. The profound vacuum stimulation facilitates erection, size boost and sensitivity of male genitals. On the other hand, a couple play with the pump can develop trust and emotional connection between partners thanks to mutual interactions.

What do we offer

Our assortment is represented by the best items you will ever be able to find on the market no matter if online or offline. To source those products, we enabled best specialists as well as carefully listened to the needs of our audience. You can find automatic battery powered penis enlargers along with those controlled manually. The power of suction in both cases can be controlled in a range you want to. You can try combined models with both analog and digital controls. It's about time to deconstruct all stereotypes and myths and turn to more sober, conscious and meaningful use of this vacuum tools. 

Bestseller models

Penis pumps we offer in our premium bestseller selection are real sharks of this market. There could barely be found a thing to compete with them in what strong pleasure they bring, serve you long years with no flash in the pan and look absolutely seamless even if you bought them long ago. Enjoy our collection specially made for you and trust what time and thousands of users have defined as vacuum perfection.

What materials are used?
Natural silicone

Best possible material for soft touch where your penis enters the pump and needs to be hermitized within that glass or plastic space. Silicone gives reliable air blocking quality, soft touch, harmless contact and is a heavy duty material.


Perfect material for observing from outside as it is transparent. Cleaning the glass item is very easy and can be done even in hot water, which means even higher safety. Transparency is a big plus, but be careful with the glass not to crack it.


Plastic penis pump can both be transparent or not, but it's all up to your choice. Plastic is much lighter than glass, and its resistance to cracks and accidental falling is just shocking.


No matter what you choose, you will never suffer from allergies, skin irritation or other unpleasant symptoms that may be caused by fake or low quality products. Or goods are tested and selected personally by us, so we couldn't let even a single harmful thing appear here!

Tech powered

All the technical beauty of the complex valve systems inside, all the advantages of digital controls and high performance suction engine altogether won't leave you careless. The pump is like a masterpiece of engineering, so how dare you not to enjoy a creation on the edge of beauty and technical perfection?

A challenge of choice
  • Suction type

    It’s like with the TV in the good old days at the dawn of the 2000s. Should that be analogue or digital? Who cares if not you? Both work perfectly and satisfy all male needs related to this device.

  • View

    Transparent penis pumps are more traditional and this is what the vast majority of men has ever seen or even used. It’s cool to see what your cock experiences and how it is getting larger and juicer. On the other hand, half-transparent or opaque pump might be a cool challenge to curiosity.

  • Materials

    Glass is more fragile but also gives the pump some consistent and reliable weight. Plastic pumps are cheaper, less heavy and are immortal in case of falling down. They can keep the same level of negative pressure inside as glass does.

  • Valves

    More elaborated and advanced valve system gives better control over the slightest pressure changes. It makes you a king of the climate, but as every royal personality you carry higher risks due to system complexity. Less sophisticated valve types cannot brag their mastery over every bit of air.

How to use penis pumps?
Follow the white rabbit

User’s manual is a helpful thing especially with such a technologically advanced thing. For a no-fuss experience read through the manual before the first use to understand A’s and B’s about it.

Gain more

For even better growth of the penis and better strategic effect, you can use enlarging creams or gels in combination with the pump. Penis sleeves may be a good sauce on top of it either.


Lady Hygiene is merciless to those who neglect and disregard the basics of keeping their intimacy clean. Each time you use the pump, wash it before and after for clean experience.

Don’t you fry it

Keep your pump in warm place, but not hot! Direct sun rays may destroy fragile silicone structures that are vitally necessary for hermitization. Cracks allow no vacuum. No vacuum - no pleasure.

Only compatible stuff

Batteries, silicone details and sleeves used with any pump just have to be perfect for this particular item. Order only original parts, compatible supplements and choose the best products with us.

Take care of your partner

As a responsible user, you might want to share your experiences with your close ones. In case you offer this play to your lady, discuss it with her in advance not to make her faint from joy. If your partner is a man, mind safety rules while using a pump.