Sensuelle Point Plus - Rose Gold
Sensuelle Point Plus - Rose Gold

Sensuelle Point Plus - Rose Gold


Sensuelle Point Plus is designed to meet all of your needs. This multi-functional powerful vibrator is easy to charge, so you can take it to vacation or any other trip to brighten up your nights. If you will use this modern vibrational technology with easy touch controls, you and your partner will feel the pure sexual pleasure. This item that includes a delicate and soft G-spot feature will satisfy your erogenous zones. Make the most of your bedroom encounter.

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Features and Notes


Brand Sensuelle
Color Gold
Features Multi-Function, Vibrating

Additional Notes

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was ok

I have used several products from HolyFour and in my experience, this one was okay. I am a sex addict so maybe I am too experienced for this product. I would rate this vibrator for women 3/5

My fav

Ever since I got this amazing massager for women delivered to my place, I have been using it constantly. So far, every time I have used it, I have enjoyed multiple orgasms. Thanks HolyFour!


I love using handle-free vibrator sex toys. Gives me more action for less effort. If you like this kind of masturbation, then I recommend Sensuelle Point Plus to you as well!

Great action!

I recommended this to all my girlfriends and cousins and we all love the Sensuelle Point Plus. It is not only beautifully designed, but it works gracefully on your clit by first massaging and then intensifying. Trust me, you’ll never use any other vibrator for women!