Now obviously our top recommendation for a Valentine’s activity is going to be SEX, but we can’t just stop there (yes we could). And of course our top recommended gift is going to be a new sex toy, but we’re going for a well-rounded approach to this piece, so we’ll expand. The lover’s holiday is fast approaching and with limited options for dining and other crowd/business-based activities, we’re looking at other ways you can have a fun, safe, and sex-fully awesome day in the middle of a roaring pandemic. Cheer up singles, we have plenty of things you can do solo or with your quarantine pod, so you can keep reading as well..

One day road trip

Something I think we’ve all become quite familiar with (or not), is long drives just to get out of the house and clear out all that at-home energy. Our suggestion for this adventure is to load up the car with food, drinks, and a bangin’ playlist and hit the road with no real destination in mind. We’re only suggesting a day trip since Sunday comes before Monday, and most of us have work (or do we?). This is a great way to get to know your lover or pod better, spending quality time, driving, singing, laughing, maybe playing a game or two along the way. It doesn’t require any large amount of money, and it’s not something you’d regularly do, so why not? Pick the most scenic route you can find and let the road be your friend.

If you’re single, this is your time for you. I don’t know about you, but I do my best thinking when I’m driving and staring at the open road. Something about looking out onto the road ahead, that gives me such clarity and calmness. You can also download a new book on Audible and listen to enlightening and informative information as you drive and clear your mind. I get excited just thinking about it!

For you wild ones interested in spicing up the trip bit more, try visiting our Valentine’s Day selection of gifts for an even more memorable ride. For this particular occasion, in the car, we propose the Over Drive Plus Rechargeable Cock Ring for him/them and the Booster Bullet for her/them. These little sex gadgets are discreet and palm sized so that you can enjoy the open road and open legs, and no one’s the wiser.

Beach/park picnic

A picnic has been a date activity for so long, we can’t claim it’s something new. But here’s what gives it the 2021 vibe it deserves; make this picnic an anti-technology picnic. Give your partner or your pod the undivided attention they deserve and leave the phones out of it. Take in the scenery, listen to the sounds of nature, and watch the sun travel across the sky. You don’t need to take pictures of the food, or the basket, or the wine, or whatever else you feel is cute and post-worthy. We’ve seen them all before.. plenty of times.. in 2020. This is a technology detox picnic, and with things so tense all around the world, don’t you owe it to yourself and your loved ones, to be fully present and in the moment for just a few hours? K, samesies.

Solo folk out there, this picnic is still for you. Throughout 2020, I learned how to order takeout, pick it up, and take myself on a mini-picnic, at least once a week. It was a great time with just me, myself, and nature. The best way to enjoy the company of anyone else in life, is to first become comfortable with your own company. So there is absolutely everything right about taking yourself to a nice beach or park picnic for a couple hours, with no social media to interrupt. Enjoy your self.

For our phone-less (but not boneless) picnic with a happy ending, we offer the Satisfyer Mini Lovely Honey for her/them and the Lelo Pino for him/them. These discreet VDay gifts offer the most incredible sensations, in small packages. Both can be used solo or with a partner.

Airbnb getaway

Airbnb getaway is a suggestion I’m quite sure you’ve heard or explored already throughout 2020, but again, we’re going to add in one small detail to mix of things: try a “Unique Stay” this time around. Unique stays can be tiny houses, tree houses, yurts, cabins, Airstream RVs, and many more fascinating types of shelter. Throw caution to the wind and try out something that isn’t on the main road or look like the normal house or apartment. You can find some amazing places that don’t cost a lot, and have a rewarding experience with your partner or friends. Just be sure to include in the rental request that everyone renting is living at the same address that way they allow you access into their property (COVID shit, I got denied on a place because a friend in my pod didn’t live with me and my roommate).

If you’re doing VDay independent, get yourself the best bottle of wine, or the best joint with your favorite strain and make this a VDay to remember. Of course, there is fun in being substance-free, just have the most epic playlist you can create and enjoy the uniqueness of solitude. Also, find a place that’s relatively populated surrounding your location, in case of emergency.

For this unique getaway, during a pretty unique time in history, we’re gonna plug the PDX Elite Motor Blower for him/them and the Starstruck Fantasy for her/them. These are the latest arrivals here at HolyFour and they are sure to give you an out of the box, far from ordinary, orgasm. Play together or separate.

Partner/pod portrait paintings

This is something I’m actually dying to try myself, after suggesting it to a friend that loved it! Imagine being with your love, or your people, sharing company, food, drinks, etc. and you get to paint your best portraits of each other. I think it’s an awesome bonding experience that can be quite lovely, and funny at the same time. Now, we aren’t all artists, but the effort is what makes this a very fun and engaging event. Good music is always a must, so have those playlists ready.

If you’re opting to spend this VDay unaccompanied, rest assured, you can still have just as much fun with this as the lovers and groups. All you need is a picture of yourself that you fancy, a canvas, easel and paint! Add that to the music, food, and wine (?) you’ll be enjoying, and you have a pretty awesome solo date lined up. Use a picture that gives you all the joy and love for yourself and paint it to the best of your ability for a sure way to feel great about loving you.

We like the Edible Body Paint – Aphrodisiac Chocolate for this night, because it just goes with the theme. But also, the G-Love G-Thumper for her/them for this special occasion and the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration for him/them. These are wonderful new additions that will make this night ‘picture perfect.’

Romance Movie marathon

Who doesn’t love non-stop romance movies or rom-coms? Even the toughest guys can’t NOT laugh through Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan on “The Long Shot.” So our proposal for the fifth and final COVID VDay activity, is a marathon of lovey dovey movies with your favorite dovey. Pick at least 4 movies that really make you feel good about love and line them up for a night of laughs and tears (and hopefully orgasms too).

Riding solo doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same movie marathon as the nesters. Pick the movies that make you love, love OR pick the movies that make you hate love. Whatever is going to make you feel good about this day, do it. You only have to please yourself and that should be the easiest relationship in the world.

We like the Unleashed Adventure Set for everyone participating in this marathon of love. If you’re with the love of your life (or year) share in the wearing of the accessories and take turns using them on each other. You may end up making your own movie (wink, wink). If you’re watching with a pod you can make this into a fun game of sorts, sharing in the wearing and using of the pieces — I’ll let you be creative there. And if you’re by your lonesome, use and wear everything and have the best night of your life teasing and tying yourself up. Just be careful!

And there you have it folks, a fun and exciting guide to having a promising Valentine’s Day despite the virus and lockdowns still running rampant. And if you didn’t particularly care for my toy suggestions, no biggie, go check the Valentine’s Day shop page and pick your own! There are plenty to choose from, so knock yourself out.

Until next time..