You read it right, fam, we’ve got our very own suction vibrator in stock! You have trusted us to bring you the best in quality and performance with our stock of adult toys, now we’ve designed our very own, to bring you the ultimate satisfaction. This clit stimulator boasts a powerful motor, with a sleek design and lightweight feel in your hands, so comfort and climax are at your fingertips—literally.
We’re going to take a few lines and give you the full breakdown of this very special female sex toy, so you’ll have everything it offers in writing (besides the orgasm, haha). We’ll talk about the motor speeds, the rhythmic pulse patterns, the suction intensity, the versatility of usefulness, and the materials and specs that make this a one-of-a-kind device you’ll love at first use (like we did). Read on to get the deets on your new favorite gadget.

Let’s get specific (specs)

Specs, or specifics, are the mundane parts of any toy description, but they are great to know. Most of the time we ignore the spec list on our toys (until something goes wrong), but the problem is we can miss out on important use and function info when we do this. So I’m going to break down that list so you’ll understand what a jewel you have [or will have] in your hands.

Materials: this toy is made from ABS and medical grade silicone. ABS is a type of plastic that is tough and holds well against strong impacts and corrosive chemicals. That means it won’t break if you drop it or sit on it, and it won’t disintegrate if it’s exposed to a chemical that would otherwise destroy it. Medical grade silicone is approved by the FDA for biocompatibility. That simply means it’s safe to be worn in or on the body for long periods of time. It’s hypoallergenic, free of latex, has zero toxins and resists bacterial growth due to its non-porous properties. I don’t know about you, but I feel much safer using materials ‘down there’ that I know are safe and approved by the FDA. Coochies everywhere are rejoicing with this news!
Weight: this ultra light little guy weighs in at a whopping 77 grams or less than THREE OUNCES. That’s equivalent to three standard envelopes, three AA batteries, or even a deck of playing cards! That’s LIGHT! What a powerful piece of information for you, if you’re like me and prefer lightweight vibrators, to avoid strains from holding during operation.
Noise: the noise on this baby won’t exceed 60dB! That’s about as loud as conversation at a restaurant or an A/C unit from about 100ft away. THIS IS IMPORTANT info if you plan to use with discretion! You’re welcome.
Other Specs: it’s black, measures about 4.5 inches in length, has a user time of 2 hours, is fully waterproof, and contains a rechargeable li-battery. This should help you as you try to figure where and for how long, you can use this piece.


Ok, here I’ll briefly elaborate on the user operation guidance that comes included with your new friend. Quite simply, the power button turns the device on and off with a long-press. BUT, it also changes the rhythmic pulse patterns with a short-press once the device is turned on. The “+” button increases the intensity of whatever pulse pattern is in use. Alternatively, the “-” button decreases the pulse pattern intensity. As far as [button] functions, that’s basically all you’ll need to use it successfully.

Motor power & intensity settings

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! Motor power is so important when using a new vibrator, or any vibrator for that matter! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with my lady friends and they tell me how their vibrator needed a more powerful motor! Hopefully they’re reading now, too, and can get this toy before it sells out. The best way I can describe the motor is, it’s like a gut-punch if you’re not ready or underestimate this bad boy like I did.. I presumed it would be a very mellow and gentle, kind of ‘barely there’ motor like most other clit stimulators, but it was forceful! Now see, because the clit is so sensitive, most manufacturers have the default motor power pretty light. But not HolyFour; we know we’re dealing with champion orgasmers who can take a bit of force. But with that mighty motor comes a smooth finesse so you also feel relaxed. So rest assured, you aren’t dealing with a jackhammer that will beat up your ‘man in the boat.’

There are seven intensity settings, whaaaaaat! Yes, seven different power levels so that you can go from hair-raising to toe-curling in the press of a button. Typically with these types of suction devices, there are intensity/speed variations but only for the steady mode. Again HolyFour has raised the bar and enabled all seven pulse modes to have seven intensity variations to match. That means that each time you switch the pattern mode, you have seven speeds/strengths at that mode! I was actually shocked by this little treat. It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

Sensations at each pulse pattern mode

My, my, my.. now I get to relive each pulse pattern and describe the sensations I got with each one. I’ll try to get through this without getting wet, but it might be hard. Ok, so there are seven pulse pattern modes, as I mentioned above, but I’m sure you want to know what feelings you get with each pattern and what they simulate. So read on..

Steady: the initial or default pattern mode is just that—steady Freddy. This constant delivery of suction and vibration offers a consistent stream of pleasurable tremors that titillate your senses and get you primed for more. I think of this mode as the warm-up mode.

Wavy: this setting gives you the feel of pleasant waves of suction. Think of someone gently sucking on your clit at a steady, moderate pace. This will intensify with the “+” button and you can always back off it it’s too strong.
Heartbeat: this mode give you quick pumps or jolts of vibrational pulses that wake you right up! If you like the slow and steady, this is definitely not that, haha. It offers a lively frequency of “beats” that will make your heart and your clit throb with enjoyment.
Fast Suction: here comes the suction with the speed. For those of you that enjoy the sucking feeling, but with a faster tempo, this is the pulse pattern for you. It delivers a fierce pulse with a pump that will take you to heaven and back.
Climbing 0-100: real quick. This mode is what I think of as the gradual ascent. It starts with a low intensity vibration and quickly, yet smoothly, moves to the strongest intensity then back down, causing a bit of a tease. If you can hang on, through the tease for the max intensity, you will be thoroughly satisfied.
Buzz BUZZZ: this mode reminds me of a buzzing bee. It alternates between two different strengths of vibration and two different timescales. In other words, the first buzz is lower strength and short and the second is more intense feeling and longer. The alternating of the two can drive you mad with pleasure.
Tongue Flicking: the final pulse pattern mode of the seven is what I call the ‘flicking’ mode because, to me, it feels like tongue flicking. Many, many times have women all over the world enjoyed a good tongue lashing, and this is the mode that simulates that the best. Flick of the tip is going to tease and please you, if you can hang on, because it is powerful.


The final aspect to cover would be the versatility of the device. Now, I know you’re probably wondering, “well how versatile can a clit stimulator be?” And I’m here to inform you that it can be used on more than just the clit. That’s right, it also works wonders with nipples! What a revelation right?! I mean, if you’re like me, you like a little nipple action here and there, but this makes you want it all the time! The sensations that run through your body, when the nipples are stimulated aren’t like anything you’ve ever felt. So, go ahead and give it a try when you’re gearing up for a fun night of gratification.

In closing, we are very happy to present our very own (and first of many) HolyFour adult sex toy, for your sexual fulfillment. It packs an enormous punch with the right amount of delicacy for a combination that will leave you content but also anticipating your next go at it. Use it often, clean it well, charge it up, and enjoy the ride. Remember, once you try it, to leave us a review, so we know exactly what you loved and how we can make our next toy a hit as well!

Until next time..