The pandemic has changed our way of life in many ways, and it placed a massive impact on the dating world. Couples and singles alike were nervous for quarantine — all for entirely different reasons. Couples weren’t sure if they would make it out of the gate together, and singles were worried about being alone.

But these initial fears were met with some fun, new, and intriguing ideas. While dating life has undoubtedly changed, in many ways, it’s changed for the better.

Let’s take a closer look at how the pandemic changes dating life and how you can make it through — whether you’re solidly standing with your partner or looking for some adventurous ways to connect with other singles.

How The Dating Game Has Changed for Singles

Entering into the realm of quarantine as a single person certainly had its setbacks. You were no longer able to hit the bar scene in search of a new honey, nor could you ask a dear friend out to a movie. Singles were met with the fear of loneliness, but that didn’t mean they let that fear take over. While single life changed, so did their ideas on meeting new people.

Dating Apps Have Reached an All-Time High

Dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, and eHarmony have always been popular. They each serve their specific purpose. Tinder is more geared towards having a good time with a cool person, while eHarmony is reserved for those looking for something serious.

Whichever app you liked or preferred, one thing is for sure: dating apps have reached an all-time high. As singles don’t have the option of finding someone while they are out and about, the next best option is to swipe left or swipe right. Could you imagine going through the quarantine without a smartphone? Thank goodness for technology.

Dating Apps Have Developed in Recent Months

Dating app developers realized the impressive spike in popularity their apps were getting. Of course, the rise in popularity also queued them into knowing they needed to keep up with the demand. Since these apps could no longer serve as the «middle man» between meeting online and real life, they had to make some changes.

With that said, dating apps have developed in recent months. New features are being added to some of the favorite applications. For example, some apps have added video chatting, where the platform never offered it before.

Online Dating Comes with a Slew of Advantages

Before the pandemic, some people may have thought that online dating was not the way to go. Unfortunately, in this day and age, there isn’t much choice. The good news is that online dating during a pandemic comes with an enormous number of advantages that weren’t noticed before. These advantages include:

You Have More Time to Get to Know Each Other

One of the most significant advantages of online dating during a pandemic is that you have more time to get to know each other. Before the pandemic, you might talk for a few days and then set up an in-person encounter. This can’t be done at a time like this. Instead, you are essentially forced into more conversations. But this is not a bad thing.

More conversations lead to a deeper connection with someone. You can find out more about them before doing anything in-person. With more time being spent getting to know each other, there is a higher chance of success.

You Spend Less Money

Now, it might seem kind of shallow to mention this as an advantage. But let’s be real — nobody likes spending excessive amounts of money on a date, only to find out that it was a complete waste of time.

Online dating during this pandemic has led to less money being spent on dates. What does that mean for the future? Well, this advantage goes hand-in-hand with getting to know someone on a deeper level. Since you have already connected with someone, spending money on a date (in the future) is less likely to be a waste. It’s a win-win.

You Become Pickier

Before the pandemic, you likely swiped left and right without giving it a second thought. You might have answered all of those boring «Hey» messages that went nowhere. Well, now, with not much else to do and craving some type of connection with another human being, you’re pickier than ever.

Yes, this is an advantage. Being pickier means wasting less time on people who would likely not have been a match. You save yourself the heartache and the headache by focusing on people who you find genuinely intriguing. In the end, your dating life will thank you.

Singles Are Becoming Romantic with Their Roommates

Nobody expected to be locked up in their home for countless weeks or months on end. Without being able to leave, it’s slim pickings. For the single roommates who were forced to live in close quarters for an extended period, it’s no wonder why sexual tensions started to rise.

Many people are starting to claim that romantic adventures with their roommates developed as a direct result of the pandemic. Whether it’s just a fling or something more, roommates rely on each other in more ways than one during this pandemic.

Singles and Couples Have Become More Creative

If one thing is correct for singles and couples alike, the pandemic has urged people to become more creative in their dating life. This is true in two ways: sparking creativity in and out of the bedroom.

Creativity Intimacy Ideas for Couples

I don’t know about you, but for me, no good date night ends without some intimacy. Unfortunately, when you’re a few weeks into quarantine, the same old «tricks» in the bedroom are losing their flare. Now might be the perfect time to step out of your sex bubble and try something new and adventurous. But how?

Consider Indulging in Kinkier Sex

Many people are intrigued by the idea of BDSM but are too shy or afraid to say so. Well, the perfect time to speak up is during the quarantine. Indulging in BDSM could be the best thing that’s ever happened to your relationship. After all, there are few things more steamy and tantalizing than tying up your partner and doing whatever you want to them.

There are so many exciting BDSM sex toys for couples like blindfolds, nipple clamps, and chains. You can pleasure your mate using various sex toys before «going in», such as vibrators and dildos. Make it romantic with a deep tissue massage involving massage oil.

Kinky sex can escalate your bedroom sessions incredibly. Not only that, but it also encourages trust between you and your partner. These two advantages make it a clear winner for couples during the quarantine.

Switch Roles

If you’re the one always getting penetrated, now might be the time to switch roles. Switching roles allows you and your partner to go on an all-new and exciting adventure. There could be some roleplaying involved. You might also bring out some dominance in your sexual escapade. For these role switches, a good strap-on is absolutely necessary.

Use an App-Based Sex Toy

One excellent option is to opt for an app-controlled sex toy. With this type of toy, your partner is in complete control. You can wear the sex toy all day and let your partner decide when you will be turned on or not. It sounds like one exciting afternoon!

Use a New, Exciting Lube

Not every couple is ready or willing to indulge in sex toys, and that’s okay; it’s not for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on shaking things up in the bedroom. Sometimes a simple switch of lubes is all you need to bring the excitement back between the sheets. And hey, with an anal-specific lube, you might finally be able to try something taboo, too.

It’s all about finding what you want or need to add to your sex life. This could mean sex toys, or it could mean merely adding some lingerie. Find what works for you.

How to Be Intimate on Video Chat

A significant benefit to online dating is there is absolutely no pressure of intimacy, which may occur after a first or second in-person date. However, after time has passed, online dating someone might be the perfect time to toss in some spice. But how can you add intimacy to a Zoom or Facetime call?

Again, it all comes down to being creative. Perhaps you could start by checking out the sex games for couples app stores. These will help to encourage intimacy without showing or doing anything too sexual. From there, you might look at some sex sites together. Get a feel for what each other is into and let it develop naturally.

When you’re ready and confident with the other person, you might step up to more sexual activities over the phone. This includes sexting, sending naughty pictures, or even creating videos. Some may become so comfortable that they engage in video calls using sex toys.

How to Be Intimate When You’re Alone

If you’re still looking for «the one» online, but missing the passion from a fiery sex escapade, don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to appease your urges right from home. Of course, you won’t be able to check out any sex stores near me. You will need to visit online platforms for sex toys, such as Pure Romance, Spencers, or HolyFour.

The good news is, there are so many ways to diddle Miss Daisy or choke the chicken right from home. Check out our top picks:

Clit Vibrator

The infamous clit vibrator is the surefire way to bring yourself to leg-shaking orgasms in a matter of minutes. Plus, these toys are small and discrete, so they can be hidden away in your nightstand without anyone being the wiser. Take it out, turn it on, and play a bit on your nipples. Travel down south, and you’ll be in for a «quickie», unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Rabbit Vibrator

Looking for something with more penetration to hit that G-spot, but don’t want to settle for a simple dildo or regular vibrator? No woman’s world is complete without a rabbit vibrator. These teasing, tantalizing sex toys are among the most popular women’s sex toys, and for a good reason, too.

Take this inviting toy, for example. It’s made with soft and wavy layers to tease and please, from insertion to completion. While your G-spot is being given the five-star treatment, your clit is delightfully vibrated until you’re grabbing your sheets with pleasure. Can you imagine anything more thrilling than that?

Anal Vibrator

Are you looking to switch things up a bit? Men and women can enjoy the anal vibrator. If you have never experienced any type of anal play, being home alone for an extended period may provide the perfect timing to try it out. Experience new sensations and take your big «O» to the next level with an anal vibrator like this one here.

Realistic Female Body

For the men out there who feel lonelier than usual, it’s not enough to «spank the snake.» If your five-finger-friend is getting a little boring and you’re missing a woman’s body, then why not bring the next best thing to your bedroom? Masturbators that resemble a woman’s body, such as this one, come complete with an ass and pussy to bring out all of your desires.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic has changed dating for singles and couples alike. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The pandemic allows people more time to get to know one another and become more creative in and out of the bedroom. The only question remains, what will you do next in your dating life?