As we celebrate another 4th of July, we want to embrace our sexual freedom, all of it..

There is no right or wrong when it comes to sex. As long as it’s consensual, amongst two or more adults of consenting age, we say have at it! And it is because of people like you, visiting sites like this, shopping for toys like these, that we continue to stretch our wings and fly freely from one sexually gratifying moment to the next.

Not many years ago, sites like ours were prohibited, and sales of toys like ours were illegal! (In Alabama USA, it is STILL illegal — we know, freaking nuts right?!) Back when it was illegal, manufacturers and distributors had to be very creative with the descriptions and suggested uses of such devices, so that they could sell them. Many claimed their devices to be medical, and in fact, some did actually start out that way, but many used the shield of medical practice to sell plain old sex toys. Such a shame that in the land of the free, people weren’t really free.

Today, there are foreign countries where simply possessing a sex toy is prohibited. It leaves you to wonder what happens if you’re caught in the act of using one.. In some countries, books, magazines, movies and even drawings can be deemed obscene and are prohibited. We should really count our blessings that, for most of the USA, we are free to play with ourselves and our toys as we like. We have the freedom to express ourselves sexually, freedom to associate ourselves to any gender or no gender at all, freedom love and marry whomever we choose, and freedom to fight for whatever rights we feel we are missing. We’ve got it made in the good old US of A.

So since we have the freedom to let our freak flags fly, we really ought to ring in this year’s freedom festivities with some fun activities. We can’t stress enough how sex makes life better and sex toys make sex better, so in essence sex toys make life better. Explore a different side of your sexual being, add a new device to your collection, walk on the wild side, or engage in something taboo, because in America, you can. Liberate yourself from the ordinary (or the missionary, ha!) and enjoy new exploits. After all 2020 has given us so many new things that are less-than-desirable, so let’s start a trend of new and desirable events from here on out.

In terms of freedom, there’s nothing more liberating than having an earth-shattering orgasm. Can you recall your first real orgasm? Do you remember the feeling that went through your entire body. It was a transcendental experience that took you to another level of perception, right? Exactly. It freed you from an old way of understanding life and woke you up to a new realm of possibilities. Well, what if you could access that all over again? And again, and again, and again. Sexual liberation does this for you each and every time you take part in it. Each time you do what you want with your body, each time you use that dildo or those anal beads, or that prostate vibrator, you are saying to the world “I am free to be sexually me!”

On the converse of sexual liberation is sexual restraint or sexual limitation. In this country, that is such blasphemy and a waste of everything we stand for. In the land of the free, to be tied down to one narrow way of thinking [of sex] is to live with one arm tied behind your back. Never to fully enjoy what is within reach. So you owe it to yourself to be as sexually free as you can. To pick out that double dildo you’ve been secretly desiring. To go on that date with that person you’ve been privately messaging. To send that nude to that person that keeps begging you for it. To go to that swingers’ party with your mate. Or to do whatever it is you please with your body. That is what we celebrate this Freedom Season 2020, the right to be you, and do you the best way you know how.

As we mentioned before, we are fortunate to live in a country where it is legal to play, to love, to be, and to do things that others might feel are obscene or immoral. We are a land of privilege and we should be thankful everyday because of this. But we are doing ourselves, a disservice, if we waste the chances we get to express our truest nature. We cage ourselves if we allow someone’s views to control our bodies, our actions, and our minds. We have free will and full reign over ourselves, so let’s act like it. Let’s get out into the world and do what is truly in our hearts, and we will experience that first-time-orgasm transcendence, all over again. Let’s truly be ourselves, without fear of judgement or ridicule. Let’s throw caution to the wind and live our best, fullest, sexiest lives. Because some people in this world can’t. Let’s do it for us, but let’s also do it for them. Let’s show the world why America is the place to be. Be wild, be bold, be free.