Return Policy

We know how important the real pleasure is. Moreover, we sell guaranteed satisfaction, not just sex toys or other related items. For this reason, it would be simply unfair not to take care of our beloved pleasure hunters after the purchase is done. For this reason, we are ready to fully refund or exchange your product after you bought it in cases foreseen by our return policy.

Got a wrong item

Mistakes are human, and as we have a human team we might make rear mistakes. In case you get the toy, you haven’t ordered from our shop; you are able to exchange that item for the right one. First, this item shouldn’t be used, and the package should be unopened. Besides, you will need to inform us about the wrong item within 3 days after the delivery date and notify us about sending it back. If all these three requirements are met, your exchange is guaranteed.

My item is not working

Another matter to request a refund is a broken item. In case you find any malfunctions, broken or destroyed parts, ruined coverage materials or cracks, immediately inform us about it and we will instruct you on further actions. In this scenario, the item shouldn’t be used, and we should be informed about the situation occurred within 3 days after the delivery date. Our support team will guide on the further actions that should be taken.

Canceling an Order

If you wish to cancel an order, please contact Customer Service via email or chat during normal business hours. We can't guarantee that we will be able to cancel the order as it may have already been processed and heading to your shipping destination. We will try our best to accommodate you but once you click on "submit order" during checkout, our processing and shipping are fast.

Exchanging an item in the USA

  • Contact our customer support service to claim exchange for the wrong or broken item.
  • If you got the wrong item, make sure the original package of the exchange item is unopened and secure. For the broken item, the package is still needed but doesn't have to stay unopened.

Always notify us and let us know the reason why you return the products. Otherwise, we won’t accept such return.

Our primary goal is to make every Customer satisfied with our service, so if there is our fault we guarantee Money-Back for any case. To request a refund you are welcome to contact our Support Team via live chat or email at [email protected]