Basically, you can have no doubt whether to buy this cleaner or not no matter what toys or accessories you have ’cause you’ll never damage them with this gentle yet efficient supplement. It literally kills bacteria and wipes them out of your most favorite toys. Cyberskin Renew was specially developed for the happy owners of CyberSkin toys. Leaving no syaims or scents behind, this sleek cleaner will refresh the toy’s look after every use. The greatest feature of this container is that it includes powder instead of conventional liquids and sprays. So, just pour a good portion of starch-based powder onto the silicone toys and let them rest before you want another orgasm – this is how simple it is! Absolutely non-allergic formula without any harmful chemicals or toxins! The powder is not absorbed by the toys and is easy to remove with wet wipes, water rinse, or even napkins.