A kit to remember your first BDSM affair forever! Nothing can be so tempting and relaxing as the gamified play with cards that let both of you fantasize and agree on what and how to do. Feel Me Playset is a great option for those who are looking for adventure opportunities. It offers these objects to enjoy: •Spanking Crop to dominate and let the submissive part feel the punishment •12 Playing Cards with fantasies related to kinky fun •Ignite Massage Candle Vanilla Sandalwood 30 g as a good aphrodisiac for a gentle foreplay before you dare to go beyond the edge •Pleasure Balm Spearmint 3.5 will smoothen the heavy spanks but deliver sensitive aftertaste on skin •Love Liquid 6 ml as a little bonus to lube the play when it comes to penetration. All products contain no phthalates, harmful chemicals that cause no troubles with other toys and accessories as well as with skin of your sexual pet.