Amazing combination in colors and materials powered by one of the most powerful and durable motors on the sex toy market ever! Essenza delivers orgasmic frenzy in every moment of use and keeps your sexual life in way better tonus. 3 functions of external vibes coupled with 7 modes of powerful thrust create unforgettable minutes for every lady that dares to use this rabbit style vibe. The curve of the main shaft is made for quick G-spot orgasm, and every wave is designed to please soft tissues of the most intimate area. The smaller shaft is perfectly made for clitoral play and fits virtually any anatomy. Add plenty of water-based lubricant on the surface of the toy and start insertion with engine on or off. When you find most convenient position where it feels best, continue moves or stand still while looking for the best mode. Splash proof and phthalate-free, this sleek toy is easy-to-use and control.