Kinky sex players will like this astounding bonus to their fun. Sinful Wrist Cuffs perfectly suit any kind of pleasure where hands of submissive part need to be kept away from business. This perfect and elegant restraint tool will provide careful yet strong grip with no chances to liberate hands. Wrap both cuffs around the slimmest part of the wrists, pull them tight and lock so that your pet can’t escape your will. Now you can use it together with other restraints and kink accessories, or enjoy them separately. Perfect liner material will soften the play and take care of the skin so that it doesn’t get irritatated. Wash this toy with special supplement and make sure you use cuffs under consent of your partner. No matter what size your naughty obedient pet is, these cuffs will easily adjust to any wrist size and make the play as comfortable as possible. No way out, they will have to obey!