Want to give them some walk on a leash and make them obey! Tom of Fin. Neoprene Locking Collar is a perfect thing to be placed on your kinky submissive animal to feel total control and unlimited power! The smoothest liner material and high quality neoprene will make the play safe if we talk about the influence of the toy. All other events depend on your favorite BDSM game you both are ready to try. You can adjust this collar in the widest range of sizes so that the pet feels tight and controlled enough. In case you really want to have them locked, use the padlock with keys that is made of heavy duty material to ensure the most intense moments of the play. Just put it on the special metal ring that disables your submissive to open the collar even if they can set their hands free. All materials are safe for skin, don’t damage or irritate it of used properly and cause no allergy. Keep the toy dry and tidy after each use.