Barely possible to find a plug for seducing and stretchy anal play better than this 5.4″ long and 2.4″ wide behemoth. Triple Ripple Butt Plug offers gradual shape that invites you to explore your sexual capacities from behind and discover where your limit is, if any at all. Due to huge girth and non-tapered tip this plug is only recommended for experienced users or those who are familiar with their anatomical features. To insert the plug, you’ll need a proper psychological and physical warm up. Take some relaxing bath or massage your anal ring with some pleasing lubricant compatible with the toy. Then, add bigger portion of that lube and start teasing the relaxed anus with indulging touches and smooth attempts of insertion. You’ll notice how your body responds with desire and impulses of feeling it deeper and deeper. Find your most comfortable step and let the plug stay before the next stage of your play sets in.