When this sex toy arrives, make sure you’ve got enough AA batteries and compatible lubricant for wet anal plays. Turbo Glider is a mercyless boredom killer that is designed to find the key to your heart from the backdoor. First of all, this probe is made of phthalate-free materials and will never bother a single skin cell on your precious body. Curved bulbous shape is a handcrafted solution that allows simple insertion and proper internal positioning that will deliver most of multi-speed vibrations to the hot-spot. Switch on the toy after you add a comfortable portion of lube and start teasing your a-ring from the outside. When you feel relaxed enough, try superficial insertion with slight frictions and go deeper as you feel confident. Your body and sexual instinct will tell you what to do next, how to stimulate your anal erogenous area and which speed to choose. For better relaxation, feel free to use in warm bath or shower.