Written by T. Manu

Connecting through every motion and emotion during sex with a womxn is such a fascinating journey. A lot more time and patience is placed on the mind and body to discover and learn where connection exists between one another. One thing that stands out in the feelings you experience is that the clitoris is prioritized and center stage in all occasions. Attention and pressure of your liking is always applied to the priority. Sex and pure romance can be ignited faster than a match catches fire when you shape and shift your bodies. Flow like water with change of positioning. Venture to see what feels right, fits right and sits just right into all of you. Focus on what actually feels good and not what social media or society tells you what should feel good. Be raw with it. Every single body is built different and feels different so move accordingly.

Conversation B4 Positioning

As always, start off with some clear communication with your partner about what is wanted. Maybe they already have some preferred favorite angles and intensities. Maybe there are a couple angles they do not like and will be an instant turn off. You want to turn them on not off so it is best to ask and know then to find out. Let them create their own measurements of “finding out” what makes their head go back and heart race and you just follow the perimeters set. Same goes for you to them, obviously. Ask your partner how their genitals like to be touched and where so you are certain to validate their gender identity in bed. Communicate wants, needs and boundaries and then communicate pleasure.

Let’s get into itttttt.

Covid-19 Said Stay In And Eat Out

Look, your tongue is not the only group of muscles that can be worked but it definitely is a group of muscles that can create some steamy reactions. When you eat your favorite dish do you eat it with just your tongue? Or does your entire mouth become active in enjoying what you’re eating? I’m just going to assume we are all on the same page with the second option and no one is just using their tongue because….. That just sounds like a topic I’m not discussing. Anywayssssss, use your entire mouth. Consume all of her. Literally don’t miss a spot. Pay mind to her inner thighs too. As you kiss, bite and lick around her pay attention to her reactions so you know what spots to revisit, intensify or slow down on. Maybe pull back and tease a bit until you see her body dripping. You can even take a few moments to introduce her body to some vibrations from a toy like the booster bullet. Every spot your tongue touches, follow it through with a touch of the vibrator. This can be literally anywhere, you have no idea how many spots there are that will be woken the fuc* up by a small touch of a vibrator. Wake her nerves up and entertain them, insert a finger or two or whatever you want as you stimulate both her clit and vagina. Make a mess and then clean it up. Her body will be giving you a standing ovation when you’re done.

Pillow Up Beauties

Okay soooooo… I sleep with like six pillows if I’m being modest on the number. Majority of them end up on the floor by morning anyways but my point is pillows come in handy. I know people will say if you sleep with a lot of pillows you’re crazy or whatever and I just shrug my shoulders and say I’ve heard it all. At the end of the day I am a gemini and direct “insults” are like fresh bouquets of flowers to me. I see beauty in them (: Okay back to the point… you can never go wrong with a couple pillows in sex. I’m not trying to throw my back out completely or wake up with a kink in my neck so a pillow placement can make many differences. Specifically when you’re going down on a womxn, throw a pillow under her hips. This will make it much easier for you to travel from front to back without actually going front to back. If you want to be all hands on deck and just hold her hips up then do you but my forearms get a little tired after all this play so a pillow doesn’t hurt my ego. I recommend it.

Enhance Your Stance

There are many things that can enhance and elevate your position for your pleasure. Furniture, sex specific furniture, restraints, slings, or maybe you are crafty and want a DIY set up. Pillows, folded blankets, table, chair, kitchen counter, bar stool, get creative. Some position enhancers can be purchased at your favorite sex shop and many can be found and implemented around the house. Totally and honestly up to you and what works for you. Be careful though…. Adrenaline will have you thinking the edge of the bed is not the edge of the bed and now someone’s got a concussion and the pause button is pressed for sex as you reccoperate. Be alert of your surroundings and have fun with it. Safe messy fun.

4+2 & 4+5 Might Be Just What You Like

69 it up, down and sideways. Two bodies together in the opposite direction so both mouths are delivering clitoral stimulation at the same time. Want pressure? Get on top or have her on top. No pressure? Lay on your side and 69. Feeling like you want to get a little more bold? Stand up and secure the position.

Sit In The Front Seat, Ride Awhile

Direct clitoral stimulation, you can’t miss it. If you are on top you can set the pace and movement but whoever is on the bottom can definitely assist to hit a spike in climax. And as every position with womxn on womxn sex, you can switch up positions. Whoever is on top during face sitting can also arch their back and stimulate their partner with their fingers or a toy like the Magic Wand Rechargeable while getting eaten out. Be aware that this will affect the rhythm and focus of delivery you’re receiving from your partner but it can and will be an exciting test as well. You can enjoy riding your partner’s face and stealing their attention at the same time by placing one of Magic Wand speed variations on or around their body.

Back Seat Satisfaction

Front seat but make it reversed. This allows stimulation in another direction. New angle and feeling for the mouth to greet the vulva and please endlessly. And now that you’re in a position with a more accessible angle, you can get a more straight shot focus on playing with your partner as they get their meal in for the night. For this position, you can try a Icicles NO 51 while on top. Lean over a little and lean that toy in her and I guarantee she will either turn your ass upside down and around real quick for more or immediately have an amazing orgasm. Shiiiii* you might too just by watching.

All 444’s Leveled To The Ground

Yes, exactly what it sounds like. Get on all fours and open a new door of entrance for your partner to get a taste of your flooding desires from behind. This position takes you both to a more heightened level rather than the surfaced bed. And if you both want to try something new and add a spark to your picture…. give an anal plug a try. There are some with clear gems on top and they are really sexy. Get it wet first with some lube, her fluids, spit, whatever you’re into and then place it inside them, slowly. Watch your partner gasp for air as they feel their body travel through an erotic rush.

Feet 222 Shoulders

Simplistic. This can be done on or off the bed. You can sit upright on the edge of any surface and have your partner on their knees in between your thighs and gently place your feet on their shoulders to create another angle to feel. Your partner can then adjust you by pulling you in by your waist and or even sitting a pillow underneath you for more of an uplifting orgasm. This can also be done with one lying flat on their back and the other down in between as you rest your feet on their shoulder and press against one another to create room for your body to feel every angle deeply. Lay her on her back and slide her to the edge of the bed and prop her feet up on your shoulders and dive in for a swim in her. Whoever is delivering know that your positioning will make a great difference as well. So don’t be shy to kneel, squat, stand bent over and lean into it. Feel free to shift in the movements slowly throughout pleasing your partner and pay mind to her reactions as usual to see where she likes it best.

Mutual Masturbation

You can position yourself however you want. Eye contact is recommended and I guarantee will intensify any sexual want to unfold into your partner. Sit face to face and touch yourselves. You don’t even have to look down, stay engaged up top and everything else will match up. Sit further away so the tension to be close raises rapidly. Sit back to back and get wet just off the rhythm of their breathing and moans. Use a vibrator of your choice on yourselves while watching each other’s mouths. Sit in each other’s lap and refrain from touching each other further as you touch only you. Any of these positions can get things going and even be a little bit of playful roleplay for more.

Back Seat But No Sitting

Get up, stand up, stand up for that a**. I’m just kidding but really. Get behind your partner whether she is standing, raised sitting, laying and or arched over. You can have closeness of skin to skin all while stimulating her from behind whether it’s nipple play, gentle touch, brushing against or penetration with a Sweet n’ Small Dildo. This way it is easy to switch off using on one another and build each other up. Use surfaces around you for stabilization or pressure to work against and with you.

Face To Face

Stand face to face and use surfaces around you to help boost your partner’s foot/ your footing. As you both intertwine at the hips. This allows you to be able to make-out, kiss and touch each other face to face. You can also penetrate your partner with either your fingers or toys. This is a good positioning to enhance the usage of a Ruse double headed dildo if wanted. Don’t forget to switch one leg up at a time as you penetrate, each leg will alter the feelings felt. Both sides of our bodies don’t always feel the same type of pleasure. Have her wrap one leg around your waist to get in closer, have her on her tippy toes, pick her up, do it all face to face. Breathe in every single breath she takes.

Pelvic To Pelvic

Alignment is everything but it can get frustrating at times if you rush it. That’s why it’s so important to move around so that you can discover what works best for both your body types. Try having one lay on their back as the other sits directly on top of their pelvic area facing each other and begins to grind back and forth and around on you. Try to have both your clits meet and feel each movement. Go slow and test it out. Place your hands on their hips and help them navigate on you or hold each other’s hands and level out the pressure between you both as you engage in one another. This position is good to really tap into a full feel for one another and lock into each other’s minds and bodies. Eye contact alone sitting this way can help your body match up to your partners frequencies and align both of your guys pelvic areas perfectly.

Classic And Basic

You might not want to be basic but as all things you need to know the basics to enhance them. As cliche as it is said to be, scissoring is a thing but everyone just performs it differently as everything else. Which is fine but that doesn’t eliminate the existence of scissoring. Hey, some people just don’t like the name of it and that’s fine. Call it whatever you want or don’t call it anything at all, just feel it. If you’re unsure what this consists of it is usually two individuals tangled up in one another grinding at a pace and intensity of their liking. This position can get complicated so have fun with it. AND STRETCH. My goodness. Unless you’re up for a potential pulled muscle. It can be awkward and a tad difficult to maneuver into a positioning that you both feel stimulated while scissoring but if both of your body types mesh well then you will know and you will definitely enjoy it. If you don’t, who cares, try something else like placing a Booster Bullet in the middle of both of your clits to fill the space you guys can’t reach and let the vibrations reach them for you. Hold on tight….

No Position Is A Position

Like I said earlier, when experimenting different sex positions do what feels good and not what social media normalizes what should feel good. If you base every move you make off a sex position title you found online or someone told you you have to do then you will feel like you took your sex life and placed it in a box and super glued it shut. Get out that box and venture. Move at your own pace and comfortability. We all have different body types, we are all unique in our own shape and what makes us feel good. If we allowed ourselves to get discouraged each time one sexual position did not stimulate us in a way we expected then sex will be less exciting. Specific positions are good to know of so you can move around and through those visuals. If you adjust your body in a way you weren’t planning to and you have a moment of “oh shi*, this feels good” then yesssssss! Keep moving and exploring. Toys and other sexual accessories can be added at any moment but sexual pleasure can be performed and met with orgasms with no toys as well. That is why it is so important to try and explore and explore and try. No position listed is a position you have created for you, individual creativity to your own satisfaction. Enjoy.