We are HolyFour

We are sexual explorers who want to aid you in finding the holy grail of pleasure each and every time you walk into the bedroom. We pass no judgement, because we cannot dare with our mountain of sinful deeds. 

We encourage open minds and open legs of all colors, gender identities, sizes, and shapes. If you are looking for the right place to begin or continue your exploration of the sacred acts of sexual pleasure, stay with us. We promise we won’t disappoint.  

We have everyone, who’s ever dared to walk on the kinky side, in mind. If you’re a straight married, monogamous couple who’s tired of missionary, we’ve got some things for you. If you’re a single lesbian who’s just had your third breakup this month and need a good orgasm, we’ve got you covered. If you’re a gay man with two boyfriends and you need toys for each house, say no more. Even if you’re gender-fluid and what you like changes from day to day, take a look around — we’ve got plenty for you too. 

What does HolyFour actually represent? EVERYONE, to keep it simple! [Holy] is the straight community and [Four] is the LGBT community, get it? The HolyFour community is our family. We are not at all about excluding any sexual association or community. On the contrary, we aim to unite them ALL through the sacred power of sex and pleasure. When conquering divisions between races, many activists use the phrase “we all bleed the same” to show a common ground that unites us as humans. At HolyFour, we believe “we all cum the same” and that gives us common ground and unites us as sexual beings. We operate and associate with one idea in mind, we are here, some of us are queer, but we ALL agree on one thing, SEX. So when you think of HolyFour, think of the sacred act of sexual pleasure and how we might help you reach your pinnacle.

We are asked all the time why we chose to go into the ‘sex’ business. Putting it quite simply, we don’t know many adults that don’t like sex. We love sex, masturbation, oral pleasure, vaginal and anal penetration, sensuality, sexual stimulation, teasing, BDSM and all the fun things we get to experience in our sexual bodies. If doing what you love everyday equals not working a day in your life, why choose another industry?