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Best Anal Beads2020-04-06T13:20:10-07:00

Pump It Up

There is sometimes a sensation of feeling lack of something in sex and putting the classical sexual approach to an edge is almost inevitable in the long-term relations. The interest towards butt sex pleasure is getting higher and higher, and you won’t come off that trail anymore. For a good start a butt plug and anal beads are what you need.


Naughty necklace that will blow your mind

What makes a difference between a modern person and those from “good old days” is the understanding of the word “beads.” Is it a necklace you immediately think of? If you do, then you still haven’t experienced a level of pleasure you could get from anal beads. These toys are first of all aimed at pleasure, of course. Nevertheless, they have some special bonuses to enjoy. For instance, a standard toy has beads of different diameter which means you can adjust to the necessary size and depth. Another good thing about them is that they train muscles and make your senses more controlled, expected and sharp. These little things are an absolute must have when it comes to anal play or foreplay before anal sex. Such toys are helpful to get accustomed to any size you might want to take from the backdoor.

Bestseller models

For every single sexuality explorer, the topic of anal play is crucial at some point of the time. We decided to relieve your possible difficulties in looking for the best anal beads option, so here you can enjoy hand-picked selection of the best models proven by the experienced users of such toys. Best reviews, astounding reliability, cool design and affordable price is what were the criteria for us to evaluate these items. Choose your own favorite!

From what materials our anal beads are being made?


Gentle touch inside of you, no pores for germs, silky touch for most gentle sensations in your most sensitive spot – this is what a silicone anal toy offers. Most of the anal beads are exactly silicone ones.


Still as flexible as silicone ones, but way more rigid on the surface. They do not get compressed by the walls of your rectum, so more firm sensations are guaranteed.

Anti-allergic coating

No matter what option you stick to, all of our beads sold here are absolutely safe in whatever sense you understand it. No phthalates, lead or other toxic matter. Use, enjoy and forget about the fuss.


All of the anal beads here are able to survive anal session of any style, no matter how hardcore it gets. Breaking or losing one of the beads inside if you is literally not possible. It’s an ultimate pleasure weapon.


Both static and moving parts are developed according to the highest international standards and prove technical perfection of every single detail inside and outside. Vibrating engines are insanely powerful if feel their thrust while seeing that tiny size.

How to choose anal beads?


To buy anal beads you really want to and need to have, you must pay attention to your body capacities, desirable sensations and partner’s desires. For instance, professional sexologists do not recommend to extend anal hole before sex to the size which is bigger or the same your partner has. If you are an experienced person, you may go for large sizes and extend your feeling even more. Newbies should be more selective among items of smaller size.


The different shapes of beads may also have add-ons like patterns or engravings that provide unforgettable sensations for optimal satisfaction. It is prudent to try out whatever design you may consider fancy and find out what gives you the most pleasurable feeling, as we have it all for every taste.


There are sets that are capable of vibrating. If you decide to settle for vibrating beads, ensure that they are fully sealed to avoid instances of electrical shocks. Safety comes first! For more pleasure control, you may consider selecting anal beads that have adjustable speeds.

How to use anal beads?

Be gentle

Anal hole is so fragile and needs so much effort to become as stretchy as you need that immediate insertion won’t make anybody happy. Begin with the smallest bead and upgrade when you feel like it. Don’t rush, it’s more about a marathon than a sprint.

Lubricant on top

All the anal plays are not lubed on default as mother nature could not have guessed we will take so much advantage of our body. Always put a big portion of lubricant on your anal beads and the hole itself.

Compatible supplements

To save your toy from unnecessary stress or destruction risks, use only compatible lubes that pose no threat neither to you nor to your toy. Read the instructions on this matter before use.

Mind your physiology

Anal prelude or masturbation can be potentially more traumatic if misused. The key rule is to make sure you got enough time for relaxing the sphincter. Take a warm shower or bath before anal play if you feel any complications in releasing your tension.


Clean toy is half the good toy. For no distraction in long term strategy that might be related to bacterial influence, always wash your toy before and after use with warm water and soap. Special sprays or cleaning gels are welcomed.

Listen carefully

Your partner will need to inform you about any concerns if you stimulate him or her with beads. The same is required from you. Awkward moments can occur, but it’s not what you both want in sex. If you feel you’re going to play a brown note, let your lover know ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much lube should I use?2020-04-06T13:18:41-07:00

As much as you need to feel a certain level of comfort. More means better here, anal hole doesn’t have natural lubrication.

How should I clean anal beads?2020-04-06T13:19:12-07:00

Washing under a stream of warm water with soap will be totally enough. Using any other cleaning supplements is up to your choice.

Will it be painful to use anal beads?2020-04-06T13:19:29-07:00

Pleasure should not be painful. If you do everything right, it should be pleasant.

Is it safe?2020-04-06T13:19:49-07:00

In case you don’t have any health issues or limitations to use anal beads, it is absolutely safe. If you doubt using anal beads, ask your doctor for advice.