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Phallic Symbol for Everyone

Chances are pretty good that you’ve at least heard of dildos, if you haven’t seen or used one yourself. They’ve been in our human societies for over 30,000 years, dating back to the Ice Age! Notably used in ancient Greece as a way to prevent hysteria in women, as the men went away for long periods of time. They knew then, what we know now, women need to be regularly satisfied or they go crazy! Today, men and women everywhere are enjoying the many conveniences of dildos. In our collection, you’ll find that there’s nothing lackin’ in what we’re packin’.

hammer time

Our wide range

When most people first think of a dildo, they imagine this rubber floppy thing, wobbling around to stir up fantasies. That’s pretty much true, but there’s a little more to it. There are many styles, sizes, materials, and functions to consider when choosing a love stick. We’ll get closer acquainted with a few that we carry at your behest.

Bestseller Models

We know it’s difficult to choose one over the other, so we’ve compiled a list of what the most sex-perienced among us have deemed worthy of the bestseller title. Take a look, read some descriptions, and see for yourself what they hype is about.

Overwhelmed By Too Many Choices?

Realistic dildos

These are the real deal when it comes to look and feel. See what we did there? Our realistic dildo collection contains items that are perfect imitations although they might come in a few inhuman colors. But the vascularity, the girth, the musculature, the smooth but firm skin-like silicone, and even the pee-hole is made to look and feel exactly like a man’s penis. Some items may be a bit pricier than others, but that’s only because of the craftsmanship that goes into some models, to make them as close to a real cock as anyone can get. 

Double dildos

These double dildos are for you that like to share. They make it possible for more than one of you to enjoy penetration while engaging in the wild acts of pounding love. Take turns exploring different positions and feeling different sensations while both parties are having their walls stretched. Can you concentrate on banging your partner as they also bang you? The sensations are out of this world if you can handle the fun. Liberate your fantasies and take your insertion to the next level.

Vibrating dildos

Vibrating dildos typically combine the natural look of the cock with intense stimulation and massage patterns for the ultimate in orgasmic eruption. Some models, however, may look less like a real cock for sake of having fantastic functions and futuristic designs. What sets vibrating dildos apart from standard vibrators, is simply the larger size of the instrument. The benefit to these models is how well they fill you up, every last inch. We assure you that the combination of the natural look plus the powerful vibrations, will make you sex-crazed and have you addicted.

Glass dildos

Dildos don’t only come in in silicone or rubber materials. Glass dildos take the next step in pleasurable materials that throw a pool party between your legs. Glass quickly takes on your body heat and warms your insides, creating a sensation like you haven’t experienced. There are no active chemical matters to be found in glass dildos, making them the luxurious envy of all the others. They are safe to use and the easiest to clean. Just be sure not to take it for too rough a ride, as you can do some serious interior damage. And be sure to store safely and handle carefully, because a fall may destroy this delicate toy.

Anal dildos

Just like the name suggests, these are meant for the anal cavity. However, they are not only limited to back-door play. Take necessary precautions when using any toy in the rear, as you may not be able to handle too many surprises. But they are fun and exciting when used properly. Let your freak flag fly and your fantasies run wild with this bunch of butt-bumpers.

Strap-on dildos

These have changed the game for couples everywhere.. Female couples, you can  especially enjoy the power of the strap-on dildo as it gives you the ability to go to pound-town like any other couple, hands-free! Straight couples, you can even enjoy this category as femdom and gender-bending comes into play. Pick your best option, your pleasure chest awaits this new addition!

What’s your perfect dildo?


You know yourself [inside and out] better than anyone else. Go from experience. What size can you handle? What’s been too small in the past? Choosing the size should be the first point to consider when deciding on the perfect cock. The same goes for anal play. Be sure you decide on a size that’s going to leave you screaming from pleasure rather than torture.


Do you prefer the soft and gentle touch and the natural and realistic look? Or is it the rigid and firm feel and the glass artistry that draws your interest? Only you know what your top preference is, so decide based on what looks appealing and you feel fits you best.


Vibrations to give you the penetration you can feel in more than one way, glass to match with your body temperature, sizes so big you can feel them in your stomach, and so small they fit in your rear like it was made individually for you. Whatever the feature, it can be found here. So decide the features you like most, and you’ll have your perfect toy.

How to use your dildos?

Lube it

Your dildo should always be lubricated for maximum enjoyment. No lube on your dildo is like no jelly on a PB&J sandwich. You absolutely need the jelly!

Wash it

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, only your thoughts should be dirty, not your sex toys. Keep your dildos clean with washing before and after each use. Warm water and soap will get the job done. For more sanitization options, visit our Toy Cleaners page.

Keep it safe

Imagine coming home to find your doggie chewing on a new dildo chew toy? Or perhaps your children ‘sword fighting’ using your dildo as their sword? You wouldn’t appreciate that sight at all! So our advice is always properly storing your devices where children and pets cannot reach and destroy.

Only use compatible lubes

You wouldn’t rub your body with Clorox wipes or use vegetable oil in your car’s fuel tank, would you? Same for these dildos; only use compatible lubes or the friction can make it an experience to remember!

Recharge it

If your new toy has any electric features, be sure to charge it before initial use and after each use to guarantee you’ll have maximum function for your playtime. If there are removable batteries, take them out after each use to prolong battery life.

Enjoy safely

In the event of another friend or multiple partners joining you during playtime, make sure you are using protection. Each partner should have their own condom when it’s their time to experience the dildo magic. Always exercise safety so that you’re all able to enjoy playtime for a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my dildo?2020-06-01T01:04:47-07:00

The most practical way to clean your dildo is warm water and soap. However, there are toy cleaners available that will clean your device to perfection, just be sure they’re compatible with the material of your toy. Cleaning before and after each use is highly recommended.

Should I use lube?2020-06-01T01:05:14-07:00

‘Always wet, never dry’ is our motto. Proper lubrication of your dildo is going the be best case scenario each and every time. Having a dry, rough ride can be a very traumatic experience.

Are dildos only used in masturbation?2020-06-01T01:05:51-07:00

Contrary to popular belief, dildos have more uses than just masturbation. While masturbation is the number one use of dildos with women, it is the actual instrument for sex in female couple relationships. Also there are men that suffer from erectile dysfunction and still want to please their ladies, so they have dildos handy and their women happy.

Are dildos just for women?2020-06-01T01:07:32-07:00

Not at all. Any and everyone can enjoy the use of dildos in their sex life. Women are the number one buyer of dildos, but men are also seeing the benefits of pleasuring themselves and partners with our phalluses. Always consider the functions and uses of our devices so that you know what’s out there for you!

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