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Phallic Symbol for Everyone

There is a huge possibility that you’ve heard of, seen or even used dildos. Besides, this product is somehow leaving a full cultural trace connected not just to pleasure industry or porn, but also pop-culture. But of course we can’t hide the fact that this thing belongs to sexual plays more than anywhere else. Yeah, you’ve guessed it – dildos are the subject of this article. And you know what? We’re proud of our range in this category, and Holyfour is absolutely sure there is nothing you would feel lack of after looking through our assortment. So, here we go and start a little discussion on what these toys are and which types you could be interested in.


Our wobbling range

The first image that comes to one’s mind while talking about dildo is huge silicone dick that is wobbling there and back to wind up fantasies and desires. Pretty much a true story, if to ignore the fact that there are several subcategories to choose from. Some of them will surprise you lots. Let’s begin to get closer acquaintance with them.

Bestseller Models

We know it’s going to be a challenge to choose one of all, so we decided to offer you some bestsellers proven by time, experience and still getting high marks and positive reviews among virtually all of our users.Have a look at them and decide which one has chances to please exactly you and nobody else.

Overwhelmed By Too Many Choices?

Realistic dildos

Well, guess what we mean? You don’t need to guess, of course! This category name talks for itself and means most natural impression of use and observing. Such type of sex toy perfectly imitates a real cock, even though it can be different colors. The most important here are veins, muscle structure, smooth velvety-soft silicone to feel like skin and little pores to resemble a man’s penis as much as possible. Price for such gear might differ in a huge range, because there are items produced by hand to make every single pore as natural as male cocks.

Double dildos

For people who love spicy sensations and are not so greedy to share them while masturbation session or even a full-fledged sex. There is a large range of double options among dildos for sale represented on our website, but the key thing that is common to all of them is the possibility to tease not only your imagination and sexual desire, but also to stimulate your partner while having a penetrative sex at the same time. Can be used in several positions, not only in doggy style, if you know what we mean. Just liberate your fantasy, ask your partner to do the same and have real fun.

Vibrating cocks

These items usually combine natural look with intense stimulation, massage and escalation patterns. Of course, there are exceptions and some products don’t have really natural look for sake of modern or even futuristic design. What makes the whole difference between this category and usual vibrator is mostly large size, even though it also varies. The benefit is also that such dildos can imitate different kinds of cocks, whether we’re talking about big black examples or European look design. We guarantee that a combination of natural look and powerful penetrative vibrations will drive you greedy and crazy about your sensations.

Glass dildos

That’s what we meant when saying it’s a bad idea to associate dildos only with silicone or rubber. Glass items are created to destroy any frames or expectations. Glass is considered to be a noble material that includes no chemically active matters at all. It means that glass is not exposed to any influence and is absolutely inert in any environment. This makes it safe to use and easy to wash. The only thing you should be careful about is powerful strikes or falls.

Anal dildos

Such specialized kind of items are used not only for this kind of sex games, but can be applied in a wide variety of fantasies. Nevertheless, the primary sphere of application is anal stimulation. You’ll figure it out by yourself, it’s just intuitively clear.

Strap-on dildos

A way to really change the rules of the game. How come you could find a category of this just wanting to buy dildo online? But who knows, maybe it’s a perfect choice for you! Best thing for female couples, extreme fun for straight couples to reverse the rules of the game. Pick your option, your pleasure chest longs for this thing!

Which is your perfect dildo?


Look for something pleasing according to your body measurements and your explored sexual need with a little bit of moving ahead. Size matters much, but being bigger is not always a defining factor. Most orgasmic spots are situated not as deep as most people think. The same refers to the butt play, where depth makes almost no sense at all.


Soft and gentle silicone realistic cock with natural touch silicone or rigid and firm plastic or glass rod with astounding look and hardcore fantasies included? It’s only up to you and how you feel like. The only thing we know is that sensations differ as day and night, but who would even compare them? Perfection is individual.


Vibrating, self-made clone-a-willy or with big suction cup and strap-on mount for ultimate pleasure whatever it takes, we have all these options just for you. Decide if you want realistic saturation with silicone 11-incher or swallow your words of pleasure in gulps of orgasms with vibrating items.

How to use dildos?

Lube it

There is barely anything better than plenty of lubricant that contributes to your pleasure with dildo play. Always lube yourself in the right places, put lubricant on the dildo and don’t forget to add some more if necessary. Dry play is equal to perversion, be proper at least this time.

Wash it

Clean and dry sex toy is extremely unfriendly to every single germ that might be unfriendly to you. Support clean relations with your dildo and it will pay you back with thankful safety. Venus is not only associated with the goddess or planet, believe us, you won’t need to experience the third meaning. Wash your toy before and after use.

Keep it safe

Imagine your children or those of your guests running around the house with huge silicone swords and fighting each other in a medieval role play. You used that “sword” just one night before for another play, and it’s embarrassing to even remember that. So just keep your cocks far away from children and pets.

Only compatible lubes

It’s not a snake, so it won’t need to lose its skin from time to time. Use only those lubes that suit your model of coating material, otherwise don’t be amazed of how the size has changed during the play and why the rod of your dream became a thin slipper.

Recharge it

If your toy is vibrating and features the metal heart, remember to give it some new power even if you don’t use this toy for a while. This will prolong the battery life and give you more pleasure in the future. Remove batteries from the item if you don’t use it for more than 2 weeks.

Enjoy safely

If you invite some partner or several of them into your favorite bedroom joy with silicone or glass cock, always remember to prepare at least one condom for each of the partners. Sharing a toy is the same as bareback ride, so just prevent any issues instead of resolving them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean a dildo?2020-04-06T12:39:05-07:00

To always know it’s ready and clean, soap and warm water will be enough. Those who like absolute sterility can use special cleaning remedies to leave not a single chance to germs. Toys need to be cleaned every time after and before use.

Should I use lube?2020-04-06T12:39:22-07:00

Best friends of every single pleasure seeker is an appropriate and compatible lubricant. Water or silicone based lubes support soft gliding experience with every movement. Lack of lubricant can be traumatic.

Can I use dildo in a long distance relationship?2020-04-06T12:39:59-07:00

No problem if both partners agree and have fun with it. Discuss it together and find way to your mutual pleasure in such complicated period.

Are dildos used only for masturbation?2020-04-06T12:40:18-07:00

Masturbation is the key practice and is most popular among dildo users. Couple play or threesomes can also raise curious fantasies in any gender proportion.