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Boys Will Be Boys

It’s no secret that men are often driven and motivated by sex. Yes I’m talking to you fellas, and you know I’m right. I recently shared with a friend that if there were no orgasms for men at the end of sex, humans might be extinct by now. Men have more testosterone than women and it makes for much more sex on the brain. HolyFour believes in embracing our sexual natures and exploring them safely, rather than shunning and shaming. Sex is a beautiful part of life, masturbation is one hundred percent normal and healthy, and sex toys for men are taking the game to new levels that are shattering expectations. In this section we are going to discuss and perhaps introduce you to some of the best tools available for men. From cock rings and ball stretchers, to fleshlights and realistic masturbators, we have what you need to have a good time alone or with company. Take a look and we promise you’ll be aroused and amazed.

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Where’s Your Toy?

We have something for every single man on the planet. Are you an ass man? Well, take a look at our booty-licous, doggy-style realistic masturbators. They take ‘face down, ass up’ to another level. Maybe you want the V without the B? Try out one of our fleshlights or male masturbators for maximum penetration, without a dinner and cuddling requirement. Slob on your knob? We also have the device for that, including soft lips that only want to open wide for your cock. Perhaps you want a more intense erection, longer lasting sex, and heightened sensitivity during play? Using one of our cock rings will give you all that, and more, especially if it s a vibrating cock ring. Ball stretching intriguing for you? Good, because there are many benefits to using them, even beyond just sexual. There is even something rewarding for those of us that are brave enough to enter through the back door. Anal play is not just something for gay men, because many of us are realizing that there is no better feeling than having your prostate massaged during sex. Talk about a sexual eruption! Just be sure with your new devices there are plenty of towels ready for cleanup. Satisfaction guaranteed, is something that goes without saying when you visit one of the largest categories of our site.

Bestseller Models

Such a provocative and astounding category of toys could not have gone without our attention. So we have prepared a selection of the bestsellers to assist you in finding out what other men are saying are the cream of the crotch. Success leaves clues and with this category, you’ll see the clues other fellas have left for you.

What Materials Do We Use?


Most of our cock rings and ball toys are silicone for the soft touch and natural feel. Silicone is also included in the Cyberskin blend used in fleshlights and other realistic masturbators. It is a durable and reliable material that is non-porous and easy to clean.


Phthalate-free, eco-friendly plastic is used in the fleshlight exterior as well as many of the other male toys. It won’t irritate you and is easy for cleaning, handling and storage.


Latex can be found in some of our toys, included in a ‘blend’ material such as Cyberskin or alone as the main material. If you have a latex allergy, be sure to lookout for it in certain toys, so you don’t ruin your fun with a trip to the ER. Latex is soft, durable, and easy to clean.

Hypoallergenic Coating

Our materials are of the highest quality, don’t include lead paints, or phthalates. All silicone item are non-porous so they won’t hold on to any bacteria. Rest assured, you’re safe using one of our materials.

Tech Gadgets

Vibrating cock rings and prostate massager are only an example of how far technology has come when it comes to pleasing you. Digital, remote controlled devices with quality engineering are the norm these days, so you are getting the best orgasms life has to offer.

Make Your Choice!


You first have to know what you want in function. Cock rings and ball stretchers have much different function than penis pumps and masturbators. All toys in this section are a different card to the same deck. You just have to know which game you’re in, and what hand you’ll play. Knowing what you want from the toy is number one, in beginning the pleasure hunt.

Type Of Stimulation

There’s internal stimulation like what you get from a prostate massager, and there’s external stimulation like what you get with penis vacuum devices. Which do you like? Deciding on your next toy will take your consideration of these things. So once again, knowing what you want as far as stimulation, is going to be very helpful.


Masturbation has evolved since your high school bedside acts of teenage angst into a sock. Masturbators are works of art for your body. Coming in all colors, ranges, textures and sizes, they are designed to give you a tailored cum session. Some are modeled after the bodies of your favorite sex movie stars and some are discreet and look like a soda can. Choose how you’ll enjoy your solo play with a wide assortment of masturbators, in stock just for your cock.

How Do You Use Male Toys?

Try It Out

Plain and simple, test it out. Put on the cock ring or get pumping with your penis vacuum pump. The best teacher is experience, so the only way to know what feels good, is to try it out. Read instructions if it’s a tech-y item, or you’re unsure which end to insert your cock.

Lube It Up

For any stroker, anal massager or prostate stimulator, us some lube for best results. You don’t want to know the pain of a material burn on you most valued body part, so take care to ensure its safety and comfort. Always wet, never dry!

Clean It

We say it often, in the sex world, your thoughts should be dirty, not your toys. Clean them according to instructions before and after each use to protect yourself from unwanted bacteria.

Safeguard It

Store your toys in cool dry places to avoid damaging them. Extensive time in the sun can do damage to many of the materials and ruin the toy. Extreme heat exposure is not good for any of the materials, so take care of your beloved items.

Compatible Parts Only

Batteries, lubricants, and any other additional components that can be added or replaced, should always be compatible with your specific device. If you don’t want an ‘oopsie doopsie’ moments, be sure to read all instructions for all parts. What works for one, may not always work for the other.

Partner Protection

Sharing is caring, so if you have a partner, you’d enjoy sharing your male toys with, be sure you both use proper protective measures. Cleaning toys before, between and after uses, using lubricant to avoid skin tears, and using condoms to prevent sharing swimmers is going to vital in safety.


How do I use a prostate massager?2020-06-05T11:10:03-07:00

Each device comes with their own set of instructions, so follow those for best results. Lubricant is always highly recommended and plenty of it. Apply lubricant to the toy, your entrance area, insert, and switch on device.

Can sex toys be useful for erectile dysfunction?2020-06-05T11:10:30-07:00

Yes! Male sex toys are great for treating erectile dysfunction problems. Cock rings, and penis pumps are great for increasing erection, stamina, sensitivity and overall aiding in increasing the male organ strength.

Are the porn star replica toys actually their models?2020-06-05T11:10:50-07:00

Realistic masturbators and fleshlight masturbators are made from the mold of actual porn stars, so fantasies are now a reality with one of these toys.

How does a cock ring work?2020-06-05T11:11:13-07:00

A cock ring restricts the blood flow from the penis to the body. When you place a properly sized cock ring on your penis, majority of the blood will remain in the penis and head, causing a larger size, heightening sensitivity, harder erection, more stamina, and intensified orgasm. Be sure to research and understand proper sizing and precautions to take before using.

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