Vacuum Extension Wanted

If you’re looking to pack a little more size down there, penis pumps, is the category for you. Increasing blow flow to the penis has many added benefit as well. Gone are the days where you were laughed at for using one of these enlargement devices. Now, men everywhere have accepted that you don’t have to settle for what’s naturally between your legs, and it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. Whether you’re pumping for a medical reason and you suffer from any stage of ED, or a sexual reason and you want to increase the sensitivity for better pleasure, we have the instruments to aid you in successfully achieving your goals.

Pump it up!

What We Offer

We carry an assortment of devices to fit your specific need, function, style and budget. We listened to our audience and equipped ourselves with the tools to give you what you need. Some of our pumps are mechanical, battery-operated with remote controls and others are manual. In the same respect, some interfaces are digital while others are analog. It all depends on what you prefer.

Bestseller Models

The penis pumps we offer in this collection are the cream of the crotch and have been tested, reviewed, and loved by men everywhere. These are the most durable models offered that will serve your needs for years to come. Trust what others have said if you haven’t tried for yourself!

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What Materials Are We Using?


Silicone gives a natural feel and a soft touch to the pumps of this kind. It also adds reliable, air-blocking quality giving it a harmless contact and extreme durability.


Transparency is a unique and intriguing feature to consider with the glass pumps. What better way to view your treasure, than with the glass material pump. Glass pumps are easy to clean, often just with hot water. They should be stored safely and handled with care to avoid breaking.


Plastic penis pumps can be transparent or opaque, totally depends on your preference. The plastic material is much lighter than other materials, is shatter-proof, and easy to clean.


All of our materials are hypoallergenic, contain no phthalates, and won’t irritate your skin. Comfort and safety are important to us and you’ll find the highest quality, safe, and comfortable toys here.


Our complex valve systems, digital controls, and high-performance suction engines will suck you into a world of pressured rapture. The engineering behind our pump systems can’t be beat and you’ll enjoy one of man’s greatest inventions.

Choices, Choices, Choices..

Suction Type

Manual vs automatic is something to consider when picking a car to drive and here when choosing the extent of the work you’ll have to do to enjoy your new pump. If you like to do more of the work, opt for the manual. But if you like the steady pressure of a machine, consider the automatic.


Some of us are visual during sex and enjoy observing our own parts in action. For that we have transparent pumps. Some of us like to close our eyes and drift into a world of imagination. For that we have opaque and colored pumps. There’s no wrong way to enjoy your pressure, just have to know what you like best when picking a pump.


Heavier, lighter, softer, harder.. all things to consider when deciding on the material of your new helper. Glass is heavy and plastic is lighter. Silicone is softer while glass and plastics can be more rigid. Choose based on preference.


There are more elaborate and advanced valve systems that give you control over the slightest pressures, just note they may be a bit more complex. Simpler valves don’t offer the same intricate engineering, but can offer a no-brainer approach to use. Decide what fits your needs best.

How to Use the Pumps

Follow The White Rabbit

Using the Owner’s Manual is always going to be our first recommendation when operating your new pump. Follow instructions for set-up, charging (if needed), storage, care, etc. before using your new vacuum.

Bigger Gains

Penis sleeves and enlargement gels are a great way to increase the gains you obtain from using a penis pump. Adding these things can help you maximize the use of your your new ‘man cave.’

Clean It

Keeping your pump clean is key for maintenance. No one wants a clogged vacuum. Washing before and after use are best with all devices. Follow the care instructions for each instrument.

Safeguard It

Storing it in direct sunlight for long periods of time, may damage your pump. Depending on the material, you may warp or even crack the vacuum. No vacuum = no suction = no fun at all.

Compatible Parts Only

You wouldn’t stick a square cube in a triangle space, because they’re not compatible. Same with these instruments, only use and order compatible parts with the pump or you may experience malfunction or no function at all. Instructions come with each device and part so be sure to read before purchase and use.

Partner Safety

If you like to share and partner play is huge for you, please exercise maximum safety and care for yourself, your partner, and your toy. Communication, safe measures, cleanliness and responsibility should all be utilized when playing with a friend.