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Bend It Over

Traditional sex is often lacking a bit of pizzazz, so people everywhere are exploring more edgy techniques for sexual bliss with anal beads. More and more people are taking notice of the pleasures to be derived from anal play. No matter if you’re gay, straight, gender fluid, etc, there’s much to be enjoyed from anal stimulation. Anal beads and plugs are a great introduction to anal play and we can provide you with all the necessary information right here.


Booty Jewelry

When most people hear the term ‘anal beads’ they assume some sort of necklace or jewelry piece, but not you, you’re smart. You’re also daring and horny, or you wouldn’t be viewing this page. Anal beads add a different kind of stimulation to areas you wouldn’t normally consider. But think about it, one of the most gratifying feelings, is pooping; nothing sends shock waves of pleasure through your body quite like relieving your bowels. So it’s not a huge leap of imagination to understand how anal toy creators got to the point of their inventions. With modern adjustments, anal beads and toys come in many variations so beginners can take it slow and use smaller sizes, while the professional booty wranglers can upgrade to bigger and better. The orgasms you’ll experience cannot be explained as words just don’t do it justice. You’ll just have to try for yourself.

Bestseller Models

We’ve decided to help you choose the perfect anal accessories by compiling a section of best-selling models. Fans of anal play have tried, reviewed and have given you what they feel is the best bang for your butt. Take it from those that have dared to go before you, these are the real deal.

What Materials Are We Using?


Silicone is soft, gentle and non-porous to leave you with one of the most comfortable toy materials available. Most of our anal beads are silicone for those very reasons. Plus it’s easy to clean.


Not quite as flexible as silicone, plastic models offer a more firm feel for those of you that enjoy a more rigid ride. Lightweight and durable, plastic is still a worthy material choice.

Hypoallergenic Coating

There are no phthalates, lead, or other toxic materials that can be found in the materials of our anal beads. So enjoy with confidence that your skin won’t be irritated.

Heavy Duty

Our anal beads are tough and able to withstand the roughest of adventures so you have our guarantee they’ll make it through the night, or day. They’re durable, reliable, and quality items that won’t break or defect.

High Quality

We offer the highest development standards in the products we carry, leaving nothing to chance. The top engineers combined with the top materials and functions, give you the best anal beads for your comfort, satisfaction and pleasure.

How Do You Choose Anal Beads?


Newbies, you should take caution to start small and work your way up as you please. If you are using the beads as a precursor to anal sex, experts say that you shouldn’t use a size bigger than the expected penis. More experienced anal players, you guys pretty much know what size fits you and can freely experiment with bigger sizes.


Pay attention to the shape of the toys you’re using and imagine how they feel with the contours of your own body. Different shapes offer different sensations, so read the details of the toy you’re considering and note what sensations you might feel before choosing.


We carry anal beads and anal plugs that have vibrating functions. If you know you love a ‘good vibe’ then maybe considering one of these options might suit you best. You always want to experience the very best each toy has to offer, and if that includes a little vibrating activity, ponder the idea.

How Do I Use Anal Beads?

Be Gentle

Easy does it when using any device in the anal cavity. The rectum is a very delicate area and can easily tear if the proper precautions aren’t taken to ensure a mild approach is taken. Start small and increase sizes and beads as you are more comfortable with the feel of it. Don’t rush into anything before you’re ready.

Lube It Up

Proper, and in this case, substantial lubrication is best for anal beads. As we mentioned before, you don’t want to tear the anal cavity or surrounding areas. Be sure to use a compatible lube for the material of the beads.

Compatible Items Only

Using compatible lubes for the material of your toy is imperative to the comfort of your excursion. Also, make sure you have compatible batteries or charging cords for your device if it’s mechanical.

Mind Your Physiology

Knowing your body is something only you can do, so make sure you pay attention to the natural shapes and curves of your body. Relaxation is key with any anal play, so do what’s necessary to relax yourself. You don’t want to traumatize yourself with a bad experience, so warm bath or shower and relaxing elements beforehand, is key.

Clean It

We can’t stress enough the importance of cleaning your sex toys before and after each use, but even more so with anal toys. The anus is used to expel waste from your body, so lots of bacteria is in this area. Take precautions so that your body is cleaned (consider anal douching) and your toys are clean as well. Warm water and soap will do the job of cleaning the beads, but if you want more, we offer toy cleaners also.

Partner Play Respect

Communication is key in situations of anal play with a partner. If you are feeling uncomfortable, let your partner know. If you are feeling the tingling sensation of your bowels potentially erupting, let your partner know. If you are going to share toys, remember to clean between each partner’s use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much lube do I need to use?2020-06-06T02:50:40-07:00

More is better when dealing with anything related to the anal cavity. The anus does not produce any moisture on its own, so you must apply ample amounts to both yourself and the toy.

How should I clean anal beads?2020-06-06T02:50:57-07:00

Instructions for use and maintenance are included with every toy, but warm water and soap is enough to clean the toys. Before and after each use, you should clean your toys to ensure top level of clean is achieved.

Is it painful to use anal bead?2020-06-06T02:51:48-07:00

If you are careful and take proper precautions, like using enough lube and starting with a small size, you shouldn’t feel any pain. Discomfort in the beginning is normal, but with enough experience, you’ll enjoy a pain-free pleasurable affair.

Is it safe to use anal beads?2020-06-06T02:52:28-07:00

Yes! Unless you have preexisting medical conditions that might be effected by using anal stimulation, you should be fine using these toys. If you are unsure and have any doubt, consult your physician.

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