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Good Vibes Only

Human invention, has given birth to many quirky, yet amazingly effective instruments. Vibrators are one of those instruments! Never has another species used vibration for sexual pleasure. Being the alpha-species, we had great sex and then invented ways to make it better. First created to treat medical conditions, the vibrator has a history that spans centuries! Today’s vibrators are tailored to fit your every need. Whether you like double the action with rabbit style vibrators, or you’re more of a bullet person, there’s plenty in store to have you shaking and erupting with wave after wave of those good vibes only.

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Stimulating Benefits

As your guide into the world of vibrational rapture, we offer you many options to consider. One of the best and most popular categories is the G-spot vibrator. Mostly made from silicone that is soft to the touch, but with a seductive curve meant to reach the spot only inches inside you, you will find the pleasure points quickly and often. Coming to climax over and over again is never a doubt once the G-spot vibrator is inserted. Another extremely popular and satisfying item is the rabbit style vibrator.. Now, this is no ordinary bunny. Made famous a great deal by Charlotte in Sex and the City, and for good reason, this toy will leave you speechless. While the curved phallus penetrates your walls and probes the G-spot, the extension equipped with bunny ears that hug and massage your clitoris, will bring you to an eruption like nothing you’ve experienced. They often feature dual motors which adds to the already exhilarating orgasms by giving twice the power as it serves you inside and out. Looking for a more subtle toy that goes unnoticed in a crowd or perhaps when visiting relatives? Discreet vibrators are just the thing you want. Some models resemble objects we use everyday such as lipstick and jewelry accessories, leaving no one the wiser. Speaking of subtlety, also be aware of our bullet vibrators. Small and fitting into the tiniest of compartments, but packing one of the biggest punches, you won’t dare underestimate the power of the bullet once the trigger is pulled. Of our arsenal of sexual weaponry, our vibrators are sure to win the night, so find your own, here and now.

Bestseller models

The female demographic is undoubtedly very selective in choosing what enters their body, so we want to give you what most women want. We’ve selected the top models from ladies just like you, to give you the creme de la creme. With these choices, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect match that’ll leave you creme-ing in your panties.

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What Materials Are Our Vibrators?


A truly durable and friendly material to any pleasure-seeker. With a smooth silky touch, much like that of the skin of our most intimate parts, it won’t irritate. Silicone is also easy to clean and store.


With a strong and firm rod that transmits powerful vibrations through every inch of your body, plastic vibrators are very popular if you’re looking for a more sturdy and rigid stimulation.

Sophisticated ‘Brains’

With new technology being released everyday, it’s great to know its being put to use for sexual delight. The ‘pleasure computers’ in our vibrators will remember your favorite settings and deliver them at the touch of a button.

Hypo-allergenic materials

Safety and comfort are just important as the orgasm itself, so you won’t find any phthalates, lead paints, or other materials that may irritate your most precious parts.

Washable surface

Non-porous silicone and anti-fading plastics ensure that you can confidently wash your toys with warm water and soap without risk of damaging the parts.

How to choose your best vibrators?

Form factor

Choosing between different style vibrators can be a bit tricky if you aren’t sure of the sensations each of them offer. It’s best to read full description of functions, then imagine the feeling against your own skin before deciding. 


Do you enjoy the calm steady vibrations of a G-spot vibe or do you prefer the power-packed dual motors of the rabbit vibrator? All things need to be considered when deciding on the type of motor structure you prefer. You generally know yourself the best, so trust your instinct when choosing.


Most vibrators come with simple controls that are easy to adjust during play, but also consider other variables such as remote controls. Do you want to control your vibrator or would you like to give your partner the control? Consider all control types before choosing a vibe to make it a fun ride.


If you enjoy fun in the water, be sure to check if your toys can handle the splash. Some can be submerged while others are simply water-resistant. You definitely want a toy that fits your every need, so making sure your toy will last when wet, is key before purchase.

How to use vibrator?

Lube it up!

If you’ve ever experienced chafing, you know how unpleasant it can be, especially to your most delicate parts. So be sure to use a lubricant that works well with the material of the vibrator. Even if you create floods from your arousal, having a little lube will never hurt your playtime.

Keep it clean

In the sex world, only your thoughts should be dirty, not your toys. Be sure to clean and sanitize according to the instructions on your toys.

Keep it safe

We call them adult toys for a reason. Your toys should not be left around children or pets, for risk of them being misused or broken. You wouldn’t want little Rex chomping on your new vibe, so be sure to have safe storage.

Check your lubes

Not every lube works with every toy, so be sure to have the correct lubricant available during play. You can always read the descriptions of both the lube and the vibe to be sure they’re compatible.

Be sure to charge

If your toy is battery-operated, consider removing the batteries while not in use to prolong the battery life. If you are using a rechargeable device, be sure to charge it once you are done using. The worst thing in the world is expecting an orgasm from your toy, only to have it shut down mid-play. 


This kind of escapade takes a good deal of planning. Communication about sizes and penetration styles is most necessary before engaging. Consider using condoms in cases of polyamorous affairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my vibrator?2020-05-28T10:33:56-07:00

All vibrators should be cleaned and sanitized before and after each use. Simple techniques of warm water and soap are effective, but if you desire more specific approach, use one of our toy cleaners. Just be sure to follow instructions and make sure it’s compatible with your device material.

Should I use lubricant?2020-05-28T10:34:15-07:00

Yes! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the last thing you want is chafing on your sensitive parts. Gliding is more pleasurable than rubbing! So be sure to use a compatible lubricant.

Can I share my vibrator with a partner?2020-05-28T10:34:37-07:00

If you desire to share your toy with your partner or playmate, we highly recommend a new condom for each partner to ensure little to no transfer of fluids or bacteria. If there is no condom to fit your specific device, be sure to take preventive measures as necessary.

Are vibrators only for masturbation?2020-05-28T10:35:09-07:00

Vibrators are often an instrument of masturbation, but they can serve many purposes. Playmates use them often before sex to get the juices flowing and many use them during sex to enhance climax. Let your intuition be the guide, use vibrators at whatever point in sex you wish to explore.

Are vibrators only for women?2020-05-28T10:36:41-07:00

While vibrators are often seen as the ‘woman’s toys,’ they are not just exclusive to women. If you feel the desire to try one of our models, do not let us stop you from having a good time. We know plenty of men who enjoy a good vibe night!

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