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HolyFour — The Den of Delight & Decadence

HolyFour is a trailblazing brand in the USA that satisfies one motive that every human being’s instincts lead them towards—pleasure. As a newly emerging brand in the niche, HolyFour has achieved much success in providing its customers new ways of nourishing their spirits through our blue-chip products. Style and result are the two pillars that sustain our organization. We believe in enabling you to wander through your imagination, into the deepest corners of your brain, to live out your wildest fantasies through our gorgeously designed, output-oriented, sleek and stylish products.

Which One Will You Choose?

Rejoice in the gift of femininity. Revel in the power, the vigor and the delight of orgasm. Let your heart awaken to the calling of your body; let your body sway to its own mirth and music. Your body will only be as youthful and beautiful as you let it be – so give up your disquiet and let yourself loose into the pleasure of the hour.

“Sex toys can be helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms such as vaginal atrophy; vulval/vaginal pain and tightness (due to vaginismus, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosus, gynae cancer treatments and surgical interventions; neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis; lack of arousal, and low libido.”  — Samantha Evans, Excerpt from Patient.Info

From what materials our toys are being made?


Most reliable friend of any pleasure hunter. Silky touch, velvety soft senses inside or outside, gentle rabbit ears on your seductive pleasure button. Silicone is easy to clean and has good heavy duty features.


These toys are way harder in a touch and give firm sensations to all of their users. No matter what you choose, plastic dildos are as pleasant as silicone ones, but this kind of pleasure is totally different.


That’s what we meant when saying it’s a bad idea to associate dildos only with silicone or rubber. Glass items are created to destroy any frames or expectations. Glass is considered to be a noble material that includes no chemically active matters at all.

Hi-end brains

Most of the modern toys are like real pleasure computers that can remember your favorite orgasmic patterns and deliver them in just one button touch.

Non-allergic materials

Safety is as important as the pleasure itself, so you won’t find any toy that contains phthalates, lead paints or allergic matters in their coating on our website.

Does your body crave an opulent, decadent and truly rejuvenating experience? Want to experience frivolous yet intense, non-stop orgasms?

Then book your appointment to get your nails done because you’re saying goodbye to trimmed fingers… switch over to our exclusive, high-end and deluxe toys only for her! To get your favorite toys, choose one from our featured premium toys for her or go through the rest of our collection!

Soft and sensual, the Sona Cruise – Cerise is a hi-tech, revolutionary product on our website. Amongst all our top-rated products, this one stands out for its tech-savvy design, which enables it to function through waves, not vibrations. Cruise onto a whole new adventure that only you and your Sona will know of!

wanna try
Sona Cruise - Pink

The mysteries of life will seem too insignificant once you set out on a mission to unravel the hidden treasures of your body – and the Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion will serve as your only tool for this new undertaking! Life may be short but your body is bestowed with an abundance of secrets… are you ready to discover them?

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Satisfyer Luxury High Fashion

Female empowerment is not about doing thing selfishly—it’s about doing things on your own, for your own betterment without harming someone else. And part of your empowerment is your ability to implore your sexuality and pleasure without having to rely on someone else’s time or convenience. Our Thunderstick Extreme Power Wand empowers you in such ways that you’ll awaken into a new, transcendental being with the kind of power and pleasure you experience with it!

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Thunderstick Extreme Power Wand - Black

The all-new Sensuelle Point Plus – Rose Gold is the perfect cure for Monday Blue’s or Saturday Night Fever. Whether in gloom or glam, there’s not a single nerve amiss by this incredibly robust product. Indeed, it’s here to redefine indulgence for you, and within the first usage, you’ll submit to the callings of your body unapologetically!

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Sensuelle Point Plus - Rose Gold

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit Vibrator fulfils every woman’s dirty kinks. With this exceptional product, you no longer have to chain your desires down or settle for something below your bars… with this product, the fun is endless and the pleasure just a button away—don’t be afraid to press it!

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Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

How to choose your best toy?


Is there enough energy in one engine or do you need two of them? Do the ears of a rabbit drive you crazy or do you want a calm G-spot vibe with a little escalation? No matter what, only experience will show, so just listen to your body needs.


Look for something pleasing according to your body measurements and your explored sexual need with a little bit of moving ahead. Size matters much, but being bigger is not always a defining factor. Most orgasmic spots are situated not as deep as most people think. The same refers to the butt play, where depth makes almost no sense at all.


Choosing a rabbit style, glass dildo or bullet vibe is a challenge if you don’t know what are your sensations with them. For everybody it is vitally necessary to imagine what and how they’re going to feel after the purchase.


Soft and gentle silicone realistic vibrator with natural touch or rigid and firm plastic or glass rod with astounding look and hardcore fantasies included? It’s only up to you and how you feel like. The only thing we know is that sensations differ as day and night, but who would even compare them? Perfection is individual.

How to use vibrator? There are simple usage and storage rules for every owner of such items…

Lubricant first!

You’d better never experienced dry play with a plastic or silicone vibe even if you create floods due to your arousal. For better gliding always apply a good portion of a lubricant where it is needed most. It is wine that should be dry, not your intimate play.


Pure exultation and orgasms are only possible if you totally get lost in the world of fantasies and pleasure. How would you do that if a toy was a potential risk to you? Just make sure you wash your toy properly after and before every use. Dirty thoughts allowed, not toys!

Keep it safe

You know why we call them adult toys? Because we think only adults can play with them in a manner supposed by the design of these toys. So make sure children don’t get this toy too early. Keep the toy away from pets, direct sun rays, kids and from all of them at a time.

Check your lubes

Always keep the battery charged and remove it in case you won’t need your toy for another two weeks. This will seriously prolong battery life time and your pleasure from this toy as a result.

Recharge your orgasm

Always keep the battery charged and remove it in case you won’t need your toy for another two weeks. This will seriously prolong battery life time and your pleasure from this toy as a result.

Femdom play

This kind of adventure takes thorough preparation and needs separate attention from all the participants. Discuss sizes and penetration style, always give feedback and use a condom in case of polyamorous play.

We believe that the human instinct must not be restricted. The only way to truly triumph over them is by giving into them — and our products allow you to experience the depths of pleasure you never even ventured close by before.

HolyFour is renowned for the amazing variety of products it offers. The brand stands, not only for its high quality products that guarantee results, but for the innumerable options, which makes picking one a challenge.

We strive to enhance your pleasure experience by providing you with a multitude of designs. Our top-rated products are mostly slim in structure or compact in size. But their cutting-edge performance adds to their merit, which allows our customers to relish in maximum pleasure with minimal effort!

Rest assured—our products are fashioned out of the most deluxe quality of materials to appease your senses. We ensure that our products serve as an escape, providing you an indulgence or a sweet hour’s sport in a safe and user-friendly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean my toy?2020-04-04T07:35:46-07:00

To keep it ready and tidy it’s enough to use soap and warm water. For more sophisticated users we offer to buy cleaning supplies that will sterilize your favorite pleasing device. It is advised to clean toys after and before each use.

Should I use lube?2020-04-04T07:36:03-07:00

Lubricants are irreplaceable helpers in any solo or couple play with a sex toy. Gliding has always been seen as more pleasant than rubbing, so water-based or silicone-based lubes (if allowed with your item) is what helps every pleasure seeker.

Can I share my toys with partner?2020-04-04T07:36:18-07:00

For safe sharing experience we recommend to put on a new condom for every participant of a toying session. It will prevent infection transmission and forget about all tension related to anxiety or fears.

Are vibrators & dildos used only for masturbation?2020-04-04T07:36:35-07:00

Masturbation is the key practice and is most popular among dildo users. Couple play or threesomes can also raise curious fantasies in any gender proportion.