Cookies are small encrypted pieces of data that a Website transfers to a user’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are used in a non-invasive way to remember customer’s preferences, save shopping cart choice and provide correct functionality on the Website and traffic data. The Company may utilize cookies with reference to Legitimate interest only.

What cookies are used on

At, we put the privacy of our visitors and customers first. We do our utmost to ensure that ordering from is as discreet as possible, from our packaging without distinguishing marks, to our discreet billing as DVL Entertainment.

Below you may find information about the types of cookies that our Company use and its purpose:

Strictly needed cookies. These cookies are vital for the Website to work accurately. They will enable you to move on our Website and utilize its maximum capacities.These files don’t distinguish you as an individual. If you don’t consent to use cookies it may affect the proper work of the Website or its elements.

Cookies related to performance, analytics, and efficiency. These records help us understand how our visitors engage with our Website properties by saving visit data and the Website’s time spent, as well as demonstrating problems in the operation of the Internet asset, for instance, error messages. This type of cookies help us to draft a better user experience and improve the Website according to your needs.

Cookies related to analytics. These files help us to understand the performance of our advertising campaigns and in order to optimize the content of Website. These cookies shall not be used for your personal identification. All information collected and analyzed is anonymous.

Advertising cookies. These cookies record information about your online interactions, as well as HTTP referrer and advertising preferences. It helps to determine your interests, which enable the Company to show engaging advertising based on what’s relevant to a user and  and on which you have given your consent.

The Website collects non-personally identifiable data, such as HTTP referrer, your IP address, pages visiting history, client-side, server-side clickstream, and other activities to analyze traffic patterns and to perform system maintenance.

The vast majority of web browsers both mobile and desktop are set to collect cookies and store them on your device. You can refuse using cookies with a clear understanding that it may in some cases affect the way our Services work. You have right to switch off cookies in your browser or using any third party software for that. We are not liable if in the described case some of Services may stop working or work incorrectly, neither are we responsible for possible changes in other applications or web pages work if your decision to switch off cookies was related to our Services only.

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