Discretion Policy

To keep your “pleasure package” safe from the sexually frustrated, we send only discreet packages. With discreet packaging, you may not be able to brag about your sexual adventures, but you will be safe from envious neighbors and private when the in-laws are visiting. 

According to all regulations, we have to put labels on all packages, so we simply define products as ‘Novelty Items’. This is a part of our efforts to be sure only you know what’s inside and will be the only one opening the “pleasure package.”

Your billing statement will always reflect a purchase from DVL Entertainment.

For larger items, we use plain cardboard packages with no reference to what exactly it contains. Your package won’t be screaming “sex toy!” or indicate that any other pleasure-related product is inside.

Smaller items are packed in plain heavy-duty envelopes. All wrapping materials are guarded against environmental or other external influences.

Only your shipment address label, as well as courier data, can be found on the front of the package.

When your “pleasure package” arrives, put on your best poker face, because only you can give away the secrets of what’s inside; our discreet packaging will do no talking.