How do you like to spend your alone time? Could masturbation be a part of that? Well, what a fun topic to write about! Not just about masturbation itself, but about the reasons to do it! Most people (and maybe you too) think that masturbation is just about “getting your rocks off,” but it really has more to do with self-care than might be considered. There isn’t a more caring thing you can do for yourself, besides eating nutritious foods and exercising, than self-gratifying, sexual pleasure. Having your own hands, or your sex toys, guide you into a rapturous explosion is a phenomenal way to feel better about yourself and the world around you. So I’ll go over five really good reasons to masturbate so that you feel better about your alone time and maybe gain some insight as to how it’s actually benefitting you. 

Sex preparation

If you had sex as a teenager, you remember how short the entire ordeal was, don’t you? Gentlemen in adolescence don’t know how to stop that ejaculation from rushing to their heads (sometimes even prematurely), so it leads to a very short experience. But guess what? If men don’t work to increase their sexual stamina, this doesn’t change much over time. I mean, you might one day get three minutes instead of two, but who in the fuck wants three-minute sex? Exactly. So unless it’s a bathroom quickie, you want intercourse to last longer, right? Well then, you best tell yo’ man to masturbate before coming to bed. Yup, you heard it here. If you want your man’s rod to stand up tall, long and strong, but he has a propensity for cumming quickly, he needs to wack one out before he comes to you for the final round. It’s a known fact that once a man ejaculates, it takes a while for the second wave to come, making it the perfect time to get down to business. So gentlemen, get that first quick-shooter out of the way and then proceed to sex with your partner and you’re guaranteed to last longer than usual. Also if the pre-gaming still doesn’t produce a longer lasting event, try using a cock ring (or male sex toys) during actual sex for added pressure and delayed orgasm. You’re welcome :)

Ladies, you too. I’m not suggesting that you pound your vagina with a dildo before sex with your partner, but if your SO isn’t keen on the foreplay, a little clit stimulation before sexy time will definitely prime you for the main card event. Using your fingers, vibrators,  or women’s sex toys can significantly increase your wetness making it prime for penetration, and can also award you the gift of multiple orgasms. Besides being wet ’n’ ready for the big stick, you will have the benefit of being so turned on that even if your partner doesn’t go for too long, you will have enough sensitivity to still get off a second time. This makes sex more pleasurable for all, as I’ve never heard complaints about a wet vag or multiple orgasms. Amirite?

Stress relief

Ahh, in times like these, where so much in life is uncertain and uncontrollable, we have to find ways to de-stress. Masturbation is one of them! I’ve experienced many times where I’ve had a mentally overwhelming or physically demanding day, and what helps me relax at the end of it, is masturbation. Nothing relaxes all my muscles better than a lovely self-induced orgasm. And I know it can work for you too. Many experts agree that masturbation is great for releasing endorphins that put stress out of your mind and help put you in a great mood. 

If you want an added relaxer, try masturbating in the shower or tub, an all-time favorite of mine. Dim the lights, throw on a mellow playlist, heat the water to the perfect temperature for you, have a glass of wine or hit of the ganja, and get busy making yourself feel at good. It’s pure romance for and by yourself. You see, the one thing that we can control is our bodies and what we do to them. Having full reign over what we put into our bodies as well as what we get out, should be our primary focus. No, we can’t control COVID and all the things that come with it. No we can’t control the politicians that govern our countries (outside of voting). And no we can’t control what others do from day to day. But we can control our orgasms. So take back your power ladies, gentlemen and non-binary folk, and make yourself a happy person with a little self-play. Great accessories include vibrators of all kinds, dildos of all kinds, and male masturbators.. of all kinds, lol. Get rid of stress by getting it on.

Reproduction health

You ever hear the quote “if you don’t use it, you lose it?” Well, it may be true, in a way. Just like our biceps and glutes, our reproductive organs are made up of muscles. Muscles that expand and contract with the right stimulation making them prime for work. And just with all muscles groups, when they aren’t given enough training through resistance, they can atrophy (or get significantly weaker). So, just like hitting the gym and working on the visible muscles for proper maintenance, we need to bring our focus to reproductive organ maintenance. That happens through regular sex or, you guessed it — masturbation! 

There are many sex docs that would concur that regular sex is thought to have many benefits for the body and especially reproductive health. While there aren’t many studies backing these claims, what we have found is, regularly using your sex muscles can greatly improve their function. Masturbation has even been said to relieve cramps (gotta try that one). Some studies have even tied healthy sex lives, including masturbation, into better cognitive responses during aging. Ain’t that something?! Makes you wonder if this is how grandma really stayed sharp as a tack all these years and grandpa can still tell you what’s wrong with your truck with just one listen to the engine. Uh-huh, they’ve been staying regular! But if you’re single and have no intentions of marrying or partnering any time soon, stick with the good old masturbation to keep those organs in good shape!   

Sleep aid

“Do you or someone you know, suffer from insomnia or have trouble getting to sleep? Well, ask your doctor about a low dose of Mastur Bation. This over the counter prescription can help you relax better, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. With side effects including better moods, less agitation, and increased zest for life, it’s safe for everyone that’s gone through puberty. Don’t have another bad night of sleep again, try Mastur Bation, now!”

Hahahaha, if there were a commercial for masturbation as a sleep aid, that would be it. And it truly does what it says above: lowers stress, increases relaxation, and awards you with a beautiful night’s sleep. If you’re overstimulated throughout the day, working in a high-stress industry/position, can’t fall asleep even though you’re exhausted, or just can’t seem to get enough quality sleep, try self-directed and administered orgasms. They are a surefire way to turn your brain off, release powerful stress-fighting endorphins, and produce a euphoric state, perfect for sleeping. Try it before bed tonight!


Not many things can increase your self worth, like doing something for yourself, by yourself. Nothing says “I love me” like producing a mind-blowing orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, sex with a partner is phenomenal, but sometimes it’s just too much work. Figuring out their schedule, working around their mood, seeing how they’d like to fuck today, and wondering if they’ll stay in the right spot long enough for you to cum.. ugh it can be draining before it even begins. But sex by yourself is a no-brainer. You know your mood, exactly what feels good, and where to keep the pressure to ensure an orgasm is fast approaching. So no need to bother with another when you can do it yourself. After all, self-care means you take care of yourself when no one else will or can.

Self-love is a bit different than self-care (which is an integral part of self-love), in that it includes loving, appreciating, caring for, and accepting all parts of yourself, wholly. Self-love includes your sexual identity and comfortability in it. Masturbation can have great effect on how you see yourself sexually. That can, in turn, boost your confidence and love for yourself. So why not do something that feels good and does good for you? I think you get the picture.

In all, masturbation has come a long way in how we view it as a health-conscious society. We are realizing more and more as a community that things that once held stigmas against them, or were taboo, are the things that make us who we are and actually keep us sane. Many more are starting to realize that how we view and treat ourselves sexually has a great deal to do with how we view and treat ourselves in general. After all, every human life began with sex, so it should definitely not be taken lightly as to how big a part it really is to our humanity. Masturbation is therefore an important part, by default, and should always be considered, as a way to stay healthy and to stay loving to yourself.

Until next time..