Written by T. Manu

What do you like? What are you into? How do you like to be touched? Where? Does your skin show excitement and chill when you are kissed lightly? Or does it like when pressure is applied? Does it like a mark to be left? What type of mark? Hand mark? Whip? Rope? Or do you like to slow it down? Is your body tender? Does it want to be caressed? Softly? Gently?

Just so many things to learn about yourself and whoever else you share the art of sex with. The human body is amazing. Searching for balance, equality and understanding in sexual compatibilities is an excitement itself. I love newness, I love mystery, I love a new book where the spine has yet to be touched by my fingertips. Fresh intentions running through a woman waiting to be translated into my language. There’s something different about initiative in my mind, when she gives me an open platform to turn her pages on the right side up however I want. That allowance drives me crazy. And let’s say my partner is wanting to experiment something new outside of what I am used to. It’s important it’s brought to the table I am sitting at that day. What she loves me doing to her may be a boundary being crossed for me and that’s why it’s critical to communicate and fully comprehend what’s wanted in sex.

Let’s get in toooo ittttttt.


Touch yourself. Sexually, emotionally and mentally. No one can know your body better than you. You don’t NEED another human being to sexually EDURE all that your body offers. There are so many experiences to experience. The spectrum of FEELINGS and feeling the feeling is a beautiful gift in life so make sure you open it and use it. Don’t let that box of yours collect dust and ultimately it is up to you to decide what box I’m talking about. Speaking of box, take a second and think of all the beauty inside your personal box. Not anyone else’s, yours. Tap into the intimacy between you and you. Our bodies are always unraveling. I find myself more sexually turned on by another when I’m mentally stimulated and understood by them as well. When I am comfortable with someone then the more open I am to trying new things. If I can’t hold an intellectual conversation with you and you can’t give me undivided attention then chances of me allowing you to experience what my body offers is slim to none. If anything it’ll be meaningless, casual and real quick get off sex. Sure, that can be done but if you want that keep coming back sex, the holyshi* that was amazing sex then I recommend exploring your body to know what your sexual wants are so you can find someone compatibile to you.

Over the years of my life and experiences with different individuals, I have definitely had to sit down and revise my sexual wants more than once. I believe this has a lot to do with gaining knowledge about my own body as well as what is offered to explore. My gender fluidity also plays a huge part in what type of sexual compatibility I am searching for. Which for me means that whoever I am with has to also have that flexibility in options. Some days I want my person to throw on some lingerie and allow me to tie her up as I study her body, intensely without using my hands. Some days I don’t want to make any moves, I want her to move me however she pleases. If I feel like I want more than her body on me or in me then I tell her. Sometimes she might want to watch me deliver whatever I want to myself before she engages physically. If it comes down to that, this may just spike a new playful moment and now we just found a new compatibility that balances out both our wants and comfort zones. You can find mutuals in differences if you try. EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE EXPLORE.


Find someone who stimulates your mind, soul AND sexual pleasures.

Open communication and understanding of what is wanted and expected in and outside of the bedroom. Remember everyone has a different perspective about sex and that’s why it’s important to talk about it. Building a core excitement that involves other characteristics and behaviors displayed by one another can easily fold into sexual compatibility. Someone who makes you feel like you’re a breath of fresh air but also someone who takes it away when your skins meet. When more than one individual is able to join in the middle of mutual satisfaction, I guarantee someone will be doing the laundry the next day because those sheets will most definitely need it. Well that is if you make it to the bedroom. Things can get pretty hot, pretty intense, and pretty fast if you stir up those sexual compatibilities. You should want to travel through your own body and know all your sweet spots just as much as you want to know someone else’s or someone else knowing yours. Although, it may seem like they fall into one another they also all very much so stand independently. I don’t know about you guys but when I travel I love a solid itinerary. Especially when I am visiting a gallery filled with pure art that my body has yet to experience. You may know of certain “spots” to “hit” but every gallery is different. Think of the human body as a gallery and everything inside of them is always changing, always shifting. Have a base awareness of what is wanted and explore through it and around it. The slightest adjustment in positioning, intensified verbiage or even a setback in speed can throw their head back faster than you’ve ever seen. That is why knowing your sexual compatibilities is key. Don’t forget, communication and consent. Sexual compatibility allows many doors to be unlocked and walked into at any given time because the potential for amazing sex continues as time ticks. So venture out and find that cliché “spark” everyone always talks about and turn it into a display of fireworks. We don’t do just one or “I think I did” orgasms over here. Keep in mind it is normal for your sexual compatibilities to alter over time with one another and that’s why open communication is important. As we grow we learn new things about our bodies and we uncover new feelings we want to try, go get a taste for it all. Allow change to flow in and out of your sex life.


Absolutely not, you MUST use google to find out. Especially if you are a Gemini.

CALM DOWN YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMANS, come back, I was joking. The answer is YES you very much so can. It is a possibility to do so. Actually, I highly recommend you make it a priority to discover your sexual compatibilities, organically. Let loose, test toys out, test positions, test limits, your limits, test intensities, learn your nerves so someone else doesn’t have to get on them for you to know eh I don’t like that. Don’t get me wrong, another beautifully crafted human being can very much so help you learn your body as well as google but it’s possible to test a feel organically. The only thing that really matters is however this happens that it occurs, comfortably. As long as you are comfortable do whatever however you want with whoever. Your satisfaction is the importance. There are so many forms of sexual compatibilities to explore to assure your wants and needs are met, in all areas. Dirty talk, role play, temp sensations, romantic setting, kink, lingerie, nonverbal clues, tease, passion, playful, erotic and many more. VENTURE THE ADVENTURE FREELY, OPENLY AND WHOLEHEARTDLY. There is so much to learn within your own body let alone someone else’s. No one body is the same. When you are able to be in tune with you it will make it a little easier to have clear dialogue on your wants for someone else to meet. It will also allow you to be more patient and open in discovering someone else’s wants and needs to find that compatibility. Testing the unknown can be really fun. If you like risky excitement then this might just be your mountain to hike. Every angle of sexual capabilities can be explored naturally and at your own pace.


Who said you have to choose when it comes to exploring your compatibility? NO ONE.

So if you’re struggling a little bit because your hands don’t give off the amount of intensity you’re looking for or depth. Try a toy. Maybe a Magic Wand Rechargeable vibrator or maybe a Lelo Sila Clitoral Massager. Don’t spend so much time worrying about things out of your control but more time on what you can control, you. As you venture more into finding out what works best for you, sex toys can be a great addition to uncover some sensitive spots on your body that you did not know existed. And as you do this you will be able to voice your own experiences to another and as time ticks by you’ll be cumming more than before. Having those sexual compatibilities known just gives sex room for exponential growth. Feel your body, learn your body and find that equality in your sexual compatibility, have fun.