Amid the pandemic, people everywhere are admitting to having less sex than they thought. Oh. Hell. No.

Anxiety can be a real ‘boner killer,’ and given the current state of affairs, lots of people  (couples with children especially) are having less sex now, more than ever. Turns out being home all day doesn’t add up to more sex, like we originally thought. Hopefully as you read you’ll gain some insight you can use, that will have you cumming all over the place. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or have a full-time family during quarantine, you should be pleasured daily.

First let’s talk about the health benefits of a healthy sex-life. Studies have shown that people who regularly have sex are happier, have more energy, are mentally stable and grounded, and have fewer health risks. In other words, people that have more orgasms are riding the orgasm waves (’surf board’) while everyone else struggles not to kill each other.

But how do you have more orgasms if your anxiety levels are through the roof? How do you have sex when you’re stressed about paying bills? How can you ‘get in the mood’ when you’re trying to correct your third grade child’s math homework for 2 hours? All great questions that you deserve the answers to!

One major way to reduce stress and feel better about yourself [sexually] is to get active or exercise. Physical activity and exercise will increase your sex drive! Another way to feel great all day and less bogged down by the weight of the world is to eat better. The amount of energy it takes your body to digest all that crap you’re likely eating, could’ve been used to have a mind-blowing orgasm. Healthier foods are easier to digest and actually give you energy rather than take it away, leaving plenty in the tank for fun time. Lastly, you have to USE TOYS! Duh.

Too often I hear from friends that they don’t masturbate or climax regularly, and when I ask them why they would live such a sad life, they say it’s ‘a lot of work.’ Well yea, when you do everything manually! You have got to get over the idea that masturbation has to be done au naturel and throw some electricity into your sex game. Imagine a long day of working from home, under stress, then battling social distancing regulations at the grocery store for off-brand toilet paper, only to want to have a nice relaxing orgasm, but all you have is your overworked hands. That’s not really appealing or motivating to anyone. But what if you had a vibrating massager and some lube? Things  that do the work with you (or your partner) that give you the steady speed, pressure and wetness you need to get the juices flowing naturally. Ugh, I can feel it now!

Everyone has tiring days. Mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting days. What always makes me feel better is knowing that my favorite vibrator will never let me down.. as long as it’s charged! When I was single this was part of my everyday routine for stress-relief. And it worked! Now that I have a significant other, we both enjoy the benefit of our favorite dildo [or anal toy] during sex. Sex toys have never replaced actual sex for us, but rather enhanced it.

I’ve heard from some couples that they don’t use sex toys often because one or the other sometimes feels jealous of the toy’s capabilities, and that’s a valid point. A good way to alleviate the feeling of inadequacy with couples, is to make sure the toy’s role in the act is explained properly. Sex toys are robots, ultimately. They work at the same speed, pressure, pulse, etc at the push of one or multiple buttons. They are there to make the jobs of humans [aka non-robots] easier and more fulfilling. They are not there to replace a human partner, but to instead assist. So ladies and gentlemen everywhere, feel free to use those clitoral vibrators and anal toys keep your sexual relationship exciting and satisfying!

In closing, I’ll remind you that we may not ever have the chance to explore sex with very few time constraints again, in our lifetimes. So, no matter if you’re single or in a relationship [or two], start adding daily pleasure to your quarantine ‘to-do’ list. You have the time, you should have the energy, and you have us at HolyFour to provide you with the enhancements you’ll need to get to the next level of pleasure.

Until next time..