Written by Jay Johnson

As we end the Zodiac year in Pisces this month on March 19th, we want to take the time to address the planet positions and transitions as they affect our love and sex lives going into a new Zodiac year. I mean, if this 2020 wasn’t enough to make you take a deeper look at the stars, hopefully this blog will. No one wants another bad year, and no one especially wants a coming year full of bad sex. So let’s take a trip into outer space and look at how the planets could affect our love-making this month.


First up! As always, the ram butts its head to go first and that’s exactly what it’s going to be like for you come the end of March. But first Mars, your ruling planet, enters Gemini and your 3rd House of Communication on the 3rd which could leave you rather feisty with your communication styles. If you are in a relationship, be sure to carefully choose your words during a disagreement, and remember to talk things out in a constructive way.

But do not fret, rams, because Aries season [and also the new Zodiac year] begins on March 20th! This means it’s your time to shine, both in and out of the sheets. Venus enters Aries March 21st, and that means your love life is all about you. Investing in a new luxury sex toy or trying an adventurous sex style with your partner, may prove to be very rewarding, Aries. On March 28, there’s a full moon in romantic Libra, the romantic sign of balance, and your 7th House of Relationships, and this means an abundance of love and love-making, is there for you. Enjoy it and keep that fiery sex going!


Well bulls, just as you’ve gained rest and relaxation at the end of February, Mars enters Gemini; now that’s a fighter planet entering you 2nd House of Possessions. This could indicate you coming into money, recognition, or possessions. Perhaps there’s a new dildo or male masturbator coming your way!

Then comes a New Moon March 13th in your 11th House of Community/Friendships. New Moons are a time of letting go, so be sure to ditch the relationship or friendship that’s toxic, or throw out that old battery-powered vibrator you’ve been using since the late 2000’s. New moon = new sex, so try something out of your comfort zone for a nice change. The Full Moon in Libra may give you a bit of anxiety as it’s in your 6th House of Health, but remember that letting go of toxic people and toxic sex toys, will open you up to new opportunities.


Ah, the twins.. well, you sure did enjoy lots of abundance at the end of February, and now it’s time to enjoy some sensual passion. That’s right, as Venus enters Aries on March 21st and your 11th House of Community and Friendships, this could mean a new FWB situation is blossoming, or your current relationship takes a more passionate route (if that’s possible, horny Gemini).

If that’s not enough, on March 28, the Full Moon in Libra, and your 5th House of Pleasure, means you’re leaving March with an explosive orgasm or two. If you haven’t already found your new FWB, try out a new wand massager, vibrating dildo, or clit stimulator, as each are sure to leave you plenty satisfied.


Well now crustaceans, the first half of the month poses a bit of a challenge for you as you work to release old/negative thought patterns or beliefs systems that no longer suit you with the New Moon on the 13th. Did you think that BDSM or risqué sex play was not suitable for everyone and now need to let go of that negativity?

But when Venus Enters Aries on the 21st, you’ll be enjoying the royal treatment from a partner or new friend. They are going to shower you with love, affection, praise and orgasms, so be ready for it. If there isn’t a special someone, shower yourself with all the love and affection of maybe a new G-spot vibrator! When the Full Moon in Libra arrives March 28th bringing the focus to your 4th House of Home & Family, you’ll definitely want to have the best sex toys as you embrace love at home.


March begins with a mighty roar for you, dear lions. When the planet of sex and war [Mars] enters your Gemini and your 11th House of Community/Friends, don’t be surprised if you see a new sexual relationship budding with a friend in your circle. Time to leave the friend zone? It could also mean that a romantic relationship is deepened on a friendship level. Either way, get to fucking, you sexy beast.

When Venus enters Aries and your 9th House of Spirituality/Philosphy, it signifies getting deep with your lover(s). Perhaps a mind-altering orgasm reminds you of a past life orgasm you’ve experienced with this lover and it sparks a deep conversation of remembrance? Maybe a rabbit vibrator gives you a flashback into another life. Either way, your love relationships deepen at the close of this month, so be ready!


Ah, little virgins (god, I hope not), we see a shift in your love life after the New Moon on the 13th. This New Moon brings about a sense of expressiveness and tenderness towards your partner as you have put aside the more critical qualities that no longer serve you or the relationship. If you’re single this means you may be in need of a new gentler sex toys that gives you the sweetness you deserve, like a clitoral stimulator.

The Full Moon in Libra on March 28th is in your 2nd House of Values, and it begs for you to seek comfort and relaxation as much as possible. Again, grab that clit massager or massaging wand, a good book, a glass of wine, a joint or edible, light a fire or take a bath, but just RELAX. Comfort and gentleness are in the stars for you this month dear Virgo.


When the warrior planet Mars enters Gemini and your 9th House of Spirituality/Philosophy, it brings the masculine energy with sex. This means there will be time to reevaluate how you view some sexual acts and maybe stop shaming yourself for fantasizing about them. Using a ball-gag or flog with a partner might be something to try now!

The New Moon in Pisces gears you up for fresh starts, and Venus entering Aries and your 7th House of Relationships signifies vocalizing your needs in romantic relationships. If you need more love, attention, sex, quality time, say it! This month you get what you want by asking for it. Ask for that new HolyFour suction vibe while you’re at it! With the Full Moon in your sign of Libra on the 28th, its time to pamper yourself like the goddess Venus would want.


Oh what a sexy time to be alive dear Scorpio. March 3rd Mars enters Gemini and your 8th House of Death which governs sex but also transformations. This can mean that all the love you were opened up to at the end of February will likely turn into lust! The aggressive energy of Mars in this house will charge how you get your rocks off, so be sure to have plenty of lube ready for the pounding you may give or receive.

The real spark for you this month is on the 13th when the New Moon in Pisces arrives and in your 5th House of Pleasure. You should definitely expect some freak-in-the-sheets moments with this new energy so peruse the site for anything you might need (dildo, strap-on, kink merch, lube, etc) and pay for express shipping so it arrives in time, because you do not want to miss out on this sexually charged time for you! Communicating your sexual needs and desires will also become easier on March 15th when Mercury enters Pisces and your 5th House of Pleasure. Wrapping up the month with the Full Moon in Libra means leaving time for yourself to be nurtured, also.


Action is in the horizon for you sexy Sags, as Mars enters Gemini and your 7th House of Relationships/Partnerships. It could be anything from a first date to booking a wedding venue, finally, but the action packed Mars takes it from words to reality for you. If you’re living the solo dream, it’s time to stop window shopping and buy that Magic Wand, finally. It’s time to Nike this bitch and “just do it.”

On March 21st when Venus enters Aries, and your 5th House of Pleasure, the gift just keeps on giving. This transit indicates a celebration of your sex life and that can be commemorated in many ways; be it a sex-a-thon with your partner or cum-a-thon with your favorite sex toy, it’s going to be a wild and slippery ride. The month winds down with the Full Moon in balanced Libra, so enjoy the sex while it lasts!


The first part of the month involves you communicating your needs physically and emotionally. It’s also about listening to your gut to be your guide as the New Moon on March 13th is in Pisces and your 3rd House of Communication.

As we make our way to Sunday, the 21st as Venus Enters Aries and your 4th House of Home and Family, we see that love where you live is impacted. It could mean a breakup from a toxic pairing or going to the next level of your relationship by moving in with your partner (or at the very least a drawer at their place). Single people, you might be experiencing the strong urge to invite someone new over for a romp in the bed or order a new adult toy to add to your collection. It’s all about making you happy and safe in your home environment.


This month, sex kicks it off for you, water-bearers. Mars moving into flirty Gemini and your 5th House of Pleasure begs you to look at how much time you’re spending in the bed (awake), and increase it! Single folks, get on top of these dating apps and ask your crush to meet, or get the new anal toy you’ve been eyeballing for a while. Committed peoples, spend a little extra time pleasing your partners in news ways. No one’s judging or knocking you right now, it’s all about the pleasure!

On March 21st, as loving Venus enters Aries and your 3rd House of Communication, you need to get clear and direct with your lovers. Now isn’t the time to be aloof, but rather the time to tell the one you love (or want to love), how you really feel in your heart. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for your directness.


Is your house going to become a lair of pleasure, little fish? Quite possibly with Mars entering Gemini and your 4th House of Home and Family. Mars rules sexuality so you may find that entertaining a sex-capade or two is in your stars. Single and ready to mingle could mean inviting over a new friend or swapping out your overused and abused vibrator for a brand new suction vibe. Whatever to make sex at home something to truly cherish.

The New Moon enters your sign on the 13th and Mercury on the 15th and this brings about your ability to vocalize your needs with both friends and lovers. The Full Moon in Libra on the 28th lands in your 8th House of Death, Transformation and Sex and signifies progression in your love life. It’s time to give up on that dead love that’s going nowhere, throw out their pictures, delete their social media accounts, and make room for the new love entering your life! Same for you solo artists, out with the old leather and metal harness that rusted from so many washes, and in with the new underwear harness that more comfy for the ride.