A probe to remember and repeat over and over again. Plushy silicone on this luxurious anal allows quick insertion and gentle experience no matter what depth you choose and how intense you want to use these beads. Compatible with water-based lubricants, these phthalate-free gradual balls on the string are designed with best thought an thorough attention to user’s needs. For instance, the big and sturdy retrieval ring serves as the limitation for those who loose temper during play and as the handle at the same time. The material emits no scents and doesn’t distract from the play. Prepare for anal session with good and deep body relaxation and make sure to stay aroused at the same time. Tease your anal ring with smooth circular moves and try to find the best position for full insertion. Add more lube if necessary and let the first ball slip inside. You know what’s next, don’t you? Be especially careful and gentle while retrieving.