Premium Toys Collection For Real Men

Pleasure has many verges, and premium men sex toys can bring up at least a dozen of new sensations you never knew you were able to feel. Vibrations, ridges, and squeezes mixed up together bring unexpected results. Regular sex is awesome and stuff, but have you tried it with your cock ring on? Or prostate massager? Or maybe even both at the same time?!

The field for experiments is clear. It’s just the time to choose your fellow travelers for this unpredictable erotic adventure. Here, we’ve picked up the best – as for our humble opinion – toys that may warm you up during cold nights. Or make those nights hot as hell, depends on how you prefer it.

Tor II

Promising name, huh? Right you are – this small boy can literally turn your cock into Thor’s hammer. Small and stylish, it will suit pretty much every penis diameter while helping you enjoy the intimacy with your partner and stand “in attention” for a longer time. Six vibration modes of the toy allow choosing the best suiting stimulation pattern for your cock. Because of its tightening properties, the ring prolongs the pleasurable sensations while making your orgasm more intense.

Hugo – Black

HUGO Black excels from all the other male masturbation sex toys because of its…indirect impact. This anal vibrator may show you the world of unexplored P-spot sensations if you’ll only allow it to. Because of the minimalistic design, you may not see from the first sight the power the massager holds, which would be your great strategic mistake. Holyfour is absolutely sure that there are three things every man should do in his lifetime: grow a tree, build a house, and discover his prostate. JK, two first tasks are optional.

Pdx Fuck My Black Bubble Butt


Those curves can drive anyone mad. Seductive and shameless, absolutely immodest – this is not your regular fake ass male sex toy. Bubble butt realistic masturbator basically screams “fuck me,” so why delaying the inevitable? Her both holes are ready to accept all your length. The insides of the toy are made with the aim to bring you as much pleasure as possible. Grab your favorite lube and go on; the whole night is yours.

Mother Sucker Penis Pump


This pump sucks – literally. Powerful, yet, gentle device will provide you with all the specter of amusement the real BJ does. Simple and fun to use? No doubt. Multiple sucking modes? Oh hell yeah. Mother Sucker Penis Pump is both pleasurable and benefiting toy for those men who are tired of common jerk off. Getting your penis enlarged while cumming your brains off – is that even legal, you may ask? We only shrug and offer you to try on your own.

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Utopia Signature Vagina

Fleshlight sex toys for men usually can’t impress experienced customers. However, this imitative vagina has something unique, something catchy that makes it one of the most favoured toys in our shop. Maybe it’s all about that tidy signature of Riley Reid that makes it so irresistible. Or the secret hides in those mind-blowing ridges and bends of the toy’s insides. We’ll never know the truth, but the fact is the fact – this male masturbator indeed is worth your try. Btw, Riley Reid approves this message.

Renegade – Orbit – Blue

Who left their plumbus here?! Oh, wait, it’s one of the best gay male sex toys – a prostate massager from Renegade Orbit. The toy can be described in two words: extraterrestrial satisfaction. Its construction is designed to send the encrypted messages from the outer space right to your P-spot, which is done through the combination of spins, vibrations, and pulsations of the toy’s tip.

Satisfyer Men Wand Male Masturbator

We bet you didn’t know that the term “butterfly effect” has multiple meanings, one of which is applicable to this masturbator. How to use sex toy male wand, you ask? Easy, cause it pretty much does everything on its own.

Lightly, like a wing petal, it wraps around your length and carries you to the heights of pleasure using numerous stimulation patterns. Both your testicles and cock will duly appreciate the simplicity of the vibrator – you won’t even need to use your hands to reach the desired orgasm.

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

Be ready to get impressed with the achievements of the technological progress presented in Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration. The name has it all: the device both vibrates and heats your most precious body part, while you are only left to enjoy its capabilities. Because of the elaborated inner design, and realisticity of the toy when it comes to the feelings, Holyfour highly doubts you’ll be able to withstand more than 5 minutes of its stimulations. We’d be happy to be proven wrong, however.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Vibrating Cockring

You can feel those steampunk vibes coming from this cock ring even when you simply look at it. We won’t even mention the amplitude of those vibes when you turn the toy on. Despite the small size, the device sends surprisingly powerful sensations along your whole shaft. It is easily controlled through a single button, has multiple modes, and will become an icing on the cake of your Mad Hatter cosplay costume.

Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Real Feel 2-Inch Extension – Black

As a normal cock extension, this toy adds a few more inches to the length of your dick. However, that is not enough to get into our best male sex toys 2019 hit parade. That’s why the manufacturer decided to combine the classical penis sleeve concept with the vibro bullet – and then this device came to life. Aside from the obvious designation, it additionally manages to stimulate both your cock and the tender spots of your sex partner. We like to call it a “win-win situation.”

Here’s where our compilation of the best erotic toys for our male audience comes to an end. However, your sex journey continues, and we hope we have assisted you in this tough dilemma of picking up your very best pleasure devices. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our blog. New cool articles are yet to come!